The Mitakon 50mm T/1.0 Lens Completes Micro Four Thirds Lineup



Chinese lens manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has announced the Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T/1.0 Cine Lens, designed to be part of a lineup of Micro Four Thirds cine lenses.

The fast T/1.0 aperture combined with a close minimum focusing distance and built-in nine-blade circular aperture mechanism produces what the company claims to be visually pleasing round and refined bokeh when used wide-open.

The 50mm completes Zhong Yi Optics’ cine lens line-up, with 17mm, 25mm, and 35mm also available that are all micro four thirds sensor size. The lenses can be bought as a bundle ($1,399) whereas just one lens from the set costs $399.

All four lenses in the lineup with the protective case

“Similar lens characters allows great similarity in the bokeh and color rendering even in different focal lengths,” the Shenyang-based company writes.

“It saves time for filmmakers to align the overall style of the whole video in post-production.”

The cine lenses are all T/1.0 aperture and designed to minimalize focus breathing so the focus can be pulled without changing the composition.

All four lenses have a unified front diameter and gear position which, the company says, make working with the focus motor and matte box much easier.

“The internal focus design means the physical size of the lens stay unchanged throughout the entire focus movement,” it adds.

“The seamless lens gear and long focus throw with precise scale markings allow accurate control of focus point even with extremely shallow depth of field at T/1.0.”

Example photo | Kiva Huang
Example photo | Kiva Huang
Lowlight example photo | Richard Wong
Example shot

The lenses are housed in a “durable metallic exterior” which gives a “solid feel of precision” when operation the aperture control ring. The lenses also come with a “high-quality” protective case when purchasing the entire bundle of lenses.

The 50mm weighs 1.59 pounds (720 grams) has a 25-degree angle-of-view and is only available to focus manually.

The new Mitakon Speedmaster 50mm T1 Cine Lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras is available now on the company’s website and other authorized sellers. The U.S. retail price of one lens is $399. The U.S. retail price of the bundle with all four focal lengths is $1,339.

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