“The Maze”: New Horror Trailer In “Saws” Style With Dustin Hoffman [EXCLUSIVO]



Taking advantage of the last Friday the 13th of 2021, Pandora Filmes launches on August 12 in Brazilian theaters the horror thriller O Labyrinth. The attraction is the presence of veterans who are two of the most renowned actors of the seventh art in activity: the American Dustin Hoffman (2 Oscars) and the Italian Toni Servillo (best European actor for A Grande Beleza, 2013).

Check out the exclusive CinePOP trailer below:

The film is directed by Italian filmmaker and author Donato Carrisi, based on his own book. In the plot, a young woman is kidnapped and 15 years later appears in a hospital bed with no memory of what she went through during this time. Now two men are trying to uncover this past. An analyst (Hoffman) tries to extract answers from the woman’s mind, while a terminally ill detective (Servillo) searches for clues as to the possible culprit. A race of the two against the clock.

With acclaim from the international press, The Labyrinth has been defined as “a sophisticated thriller that will not leave the viewer right after the shoot” and “a duel between Hoffman and Servillo”, drawn from different careers in Hollywood and Europe.

Make sure you watch:

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