“The Man in the Dark 2”: Franchise Creator Responds to Negative Trailer Reviews



The first trailer for the sequel ‘The Man in the Dark 2’ has come under heavy criticism for the way the character of Stephen Lang was brought back as a sort of ‘good guy’ in the film, rather than being introduced like a real villain.

And in a recent interview (via WeGotThisCovered), co-writer, producer and director of the first feature film, Fede Alvarez, responded to backlash from fans, saying his goal is really to subvert audience perception.

“We love to fuck with people. He looks more like an anti-villain. He may think not, or he may even do things that temporarily scare him away, but he is. He’s a phantom character, not so much of a protagonist. There is much more to your story. “

Rodo Sayagues, who is making his directorial debut in “O Homem nas Trevas 2”, supplemented his mentor’s reasoning, urging audiences on what is to come:

“It’s clear who the good guys are and who won’t survive, isn’t it?” “

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It should be remembered that Terror received a High Age Rating (Rated-R) due to “bloody violence, gruesome images and language”.

Check out the first official image:

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The feature will hit national theaters on August 12.

The feature film is directed by Rodo Sayagues, who co-wrote the screenplay with Fede Alvarez.

The plot will take place several years after the first film, with the blind man living a quiet life… until the sins of his past find him. The blind man lived in an isolated cabin after adopting a baby girl from an orphanage. Their quiet lives are disrupted when a group of kidnappers show up and take the child, forcing the blind man to leave her home to save her.

Stephen Lang will star again in the sequel.

The box office hit, “The Man in the Dark,” released in 2016, cost just $ 9.9 million and grossed $ 157 million worldwide.

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