‘The Lair’: ‘Abyss of Fear’ director reveals details of his new terror of monsters



Director Neil Marshall took the world by storm with the acclaimed and chilling horror “Abyss of Fear”, which put him in the spotlight and allowed him to work on works like “Game of Thrones” to “Hellboy”.

Now, moving on to his next project – a war terror titled ‘The Lair‘ – Marshall revealed some details in a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting.

“I wanted to go back to my roots and make a creature movie, I wanted to create monsters and combine elements of ‘Dog Soldiers’ and ‘Aliens’ and ‘Predator’ and things like that.

The story centers on a British Air Force pilot who is hit in Afghanistan and falls into a sort of bunker full of monsters.

Check out the official premise:

The story revolves around Kate Sinclair, a British Royal Air Force pilot who is on her last mission when her plane is hit by one of Afghanistan’s most dangerous rebel strongholds. She finds refuge in an abandoned underground bunker, where half-human and half-alien deadly creatures are hungry for meat. Sinclair barely escapes this trap alive and unknowingly brings the creatures back to the American base.

Marshall made his directorial debut with the cult classic “Hunting Dogs” before gaining the attention of audiences and critics with the acclaimed horror “Abyss of Fear”.

Released in 2005, the film features a “group of young friends who decide to go on an expedition to a cave. A landslide, however, leaves the girls trapped with scarce supplies. As the tension increases, they discover that strange and evil creatures inhabit the place.

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The success of the film spawned a sequel released in 2009.

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