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The Importance of In-Person Catchups When Your Company Operates Remotely




Companies operating remotely often have several ways to communicate. Teams can use collaborative apps to update on their projects and share ideas. Bosses can use video calls to interact with employees during the working day. In many cases, in-person meetings have faded out of the picture. But, is this really for the better?

The working world has transformed in the last few years, and one benefit coming with that is remote working. Indeed, many companies can run cost efficiently this way. But, communication is a huge factor and one that is so important. In-person catchups are still something you should consider if you run a remote company. Here is why.

To Create Working Relationships

In the digital world, it is often said that you can do anything over the internet. From shopping for groceries to catching up with friends, technology is definitely something many people depend on. Indeed, more companies are working remotely than ever before and this means most communications happen through a screen. Yes, this has its benefits. But, you also have to acknowledge the drawbacks. One of them is that it can be difficult to create working relationships.

This is where in-person catchups come in. They build a bridge between working remotely and meeting face-to-face. You are able to really connect with people and even read non-verbal cues to understand how they are feeling. If you want to have good relationships with employees, regular in-person catchups can be useful. For example, you can get cool meeting rooms in London for your catchups, which brings everyone together so they can connect. You can get to know your employees in person, which can help digital communications later on.

To Discuss Tricky Projects

There are some projects that employees will work on together. It will require hard work from each of them, as they will all come together on different tasks. The success of the project depends on everyone doing this bit and communicating effectively. Sometimes, this cannot be done with technology. It can be difficult to communicate some ideas you have, as well as elements you have worked on. Miscommunication can threaten the whole project.

If you work on many tricky projects as a company, consider holding in-person meetings regularly. This means that the team get together on certain dates to work on the project and ensure everyone is on the right page. This ensures that no messages get missed or mixed up in the project. It keeps the project on track and productivity high.

To Create a Sense of Community

There is no doubt that there can be a great sense of camaraderie in an office. When you have a small team, everyone gets to know each other, and they work well together. Indeed, there is good morale in the office, and everyone feels like they belong. They know that they are part of the company.

Having a remote company sometimes makes it hard to create a sense of community. Everyone is interacting through screens, working at home alone. Some employees report feeling lonely in their remote job. When this happens, productivity can take a dip, and people are unhappy in their roles. They move on quicker to other jobs. Of course, this is not something you want to happen.

So, is there a way around this? The answer is yes. Holding regular in-person catchups can help in creating a sense of community. Employees can meet the people they are collaborating with every day and get to know them. It is as simple as knowing they are real people. These meetings are a chance for everyone to bond and get on board with the company.

To Allow Everyone to be Heard

Often, when you are communicating through video calls or collaborative apps, it will be the same people leading the conversations. Indeed, some employees can feel like they are not heard when they are using technology. This is not something you want to happen as it can affect their morale, as well as their productivity. You want every member of your team to feel like they are important.

This is where in-person gatherings can help. This is an opportunity for everyone to come together and meet face-to-face. Everybody gets a chance to communicate, share their ideas and contribute to the conversation. You have to remember that some employees are not great with technology too, which can lead to them not being heard. So, meetings allow them a chance to connect and share ideas and what they are working on.

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