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The Impact of a 5th-Wheel Hitch on Your Vehicle



5th-Wheel Hitch

A fifth-wheel hitch mounts in the bed of a pickup truck, allowing you to attach your camper or home-on-wheel trailer. The hitch is essential since these heavy rigs require larger trucks to tow them.

Under certain circumstances and setups, it can cause the front corner of your rig to strike your pickup truck tailgate when backing up.

Tow Capacity

A 5th-wheel hitch’s towing capacity is the maximum weight it can carry. This number is usually higher than the GVWR of the trailer. It also depends on whether the trailer is centered or heavier in the front. If the load is more severe in the show, it will put more pressure on the rear of the truck and can cause it to steer less effectively.

Whether you have a short or long-bed truck will also affect the type of hitch you need. Short-bed trucks require a sliding hitch, while long-bed trucks can use a standard receiver hitch.

Another factor to consider is the height of your fifth wheel’s pin box. This will determine how easily you can line up the kingpin with the jaws of the hitch when hooking up. It can also affect your truck’s payload capacity. For example, if your trailer is too high, you may be at risk of dragging the rear bumper of your truck.

Weight Capacity

A fifth wheel allows you to enjoy all the comforts of home wherever you travel. Whether you want to visit the grandkids or explore cities on your bucket list, you can do it in style and luxury.

Like a 5th wheel hitch, the hitch you choose affects the weight capacity you can tow. Traditional kingpin hitches are easier on the truck bed, offering more maneuverability and a smoother ride than goosenecks. However, reviewing the owner’s manual of your pickup and trailer is essential to ensure you stay within the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

When determining your truck’s cargo capacity (the amount it can carry before it is overloaded), be sure to deduct the weight of your rig, your supplies, tools, and anything else you will be taking. This is known as the pin weight and will help you avoid overloading your truck. An overloaded truck is stressful to drive and needs to perform better on hills or to merge into traffic from an interstate on-ramp.


A fifth-wheel hitch offers more maneuverability than a standard travel trailer because the connection point is further back in the truck bed. This allows drivers to turn more easily and maneuver into campsites.

With their rounded front-end designs, 5th wheels can provide more living space than other RVs. Some models have several slide-out options to maximize this space, even parked in your driveway.

Sliding fifth-wheel hitches are also available to increase the distance between the RV and truck cab for easier turns, especially on shorter-bed trucks.

It’s essential to have the correct type of hitch installed on your vehicle and to follow a checklist when hooking up and unhooking it. This will help prevent common mistakes that can be costly, such as shattered back window glass or damaged truck beds. Check out the CURT lineup of products to find the best fifth-wheel hitch for your specific needs, including the articulating A-series, quiet Q-series, and economical E-series.


A standard safety concern with fifth wheels is that the trailer may drop if the hitch latch is not properly secured. This can shatter a truck’s rear window. A simple safety system can eliminate this potential issue and ensure your rig always stays hooked up to the car.

The kingpin-style hitch used by 5th-wheel trailers is designed to securely connect the cargo unit of the RV to the towing vehicle. However, since these rigs are tall and heavy, they must be towed by a substantial car. Safety chains are essential because they stabilize the rig while on the road and help prevent it from swinging behind the towing vehicle. It’s also crucial to regularly apply lubricant to the hitch throat and lockjaw to minimize friction and increase longevity. This is especially important before winter when lubrication can freeze and damage the components. Washing the hitch and scrubbing away any build-up is another good way to keep it clean and in good condition.

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