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The 80s are now more than ever! The comeback invasion of products launched over 30 years ago is so big that we won’t be able to cover it all in one story. Truly! There are dozens of productions of the most varied genres, all with the proposal to re-present and reimagine the beloved products of this very special era for new generations. Everything has to adapt to the times we live in, which makes the idea even tastier and more creative.

Recently I created an article where I mentioned 10 productions from the 80s that had recently returned to our lives, beloved titles like A Prince in New York, Karate Kid (Cobra Kai), Rambo and Bill & Ted were on the list (I ‘Leave the link below for you to check, in case you missed it). It also included productions that haven’t arrived yet, but are just around the corner and when we blink, they’ll be ready to watch: works like Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters: Mais Além), Top Gun Marverick and Duna. , for example. It is precisely for this reason that they will no longer appear here.

Thinking about this great invasion of the 80s, and intending to take care of everything, I now bring you this new article with 10 other products of the time that will contribute very soon, either on the big screens of theaters. cinema either on small screens at home on streaming platforms, as a feature film or series. For this new release, we’ve handpicked some of the most iconic movies from the ’80s. So prepare the nostalgia and check it out below.

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Anyone who grew up in the 1980s knows Indiana Jones is synonymous with the era. Not only that, Raiders of the Lost Ark (the first film, from 1981) was one of the culprits for what we have today in terms of entertainment overproduction. With a trilogy set in the ’80s, the franchise won a fourth film twenty years after the third. From now on, the hero will return fifteen years after his last appearance on the screen, in a fifth film promised for 2022. And the best, in the manner of Harrison Ford (we spoke for a time of a reboot with Chris Pratt).

It will be the first film in the franchise not to have Steven Spielberg as a director, but only as a producer. Who runs it is James Mangold, hits Logan (2017) and Ford vs Ferrari (2019). The plot is being kept a secret, but it is expected to bring back the Nazis as the villains. The cast has confirmed Antonio Banderas, Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Toby Jones and Boyd Holbrook, but nothing from Karen Allen, Shia LaBeof or Vines so far.

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Recently, in a very nostalgic and emotional tone, star Eddie Murphy spoke about the importance of his first leading role in Hardcore Cop (1984) to his career as a “22 year old boy”. Murphy said he owed everything to the franchise. A Hardcore Cop started in the ’80s, but ended up with a third film in the’ 90s in a, say, not very positive way. For decades, a fourth film has been planned, but now seems like the right time for the project to come to fruition – thanks to Murphy’s success with the films My Name is Dolemite and A Prince in New York 2.

A Hardcore Cop 4 is in development, but will be a direct release on Netflix (just as A Prince in New York 2 became a blockbuster on Amazon). Belgian directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have already been hired in charge, who before the pandemic scored a big goal with Bad Boys Forever (2020). A curiosity, although many ignore it, is that A Hardcore Cop almost became a TV series in 2013, and a pilot episode was even recorded – the story is said to be about Axel Foley’s son (Brandon T. Jackson). – who also was already grandmother’s son… cinema zone).

In post-production, it’s another film set to arrive in 2022. Disney’s animation The Little Mermaid (1989) is behind the studio’s return to success, with a meaningful and timeless story that references the golden age of true corporate classics – after a very difficult phase in the 70s and 80s (where they led with several failures). The film became a milestone that divided times and was largely responsible for the successes that followed throughout the ’90s.

We now find ourselves in a time when Disney is trying to remake all of its most important and expensive animations with real actors – and lots of special effects. Some don’t even do it – since The Lion King and the Lady and the Tramp were productions created with digital animals. Regardless, we experience the flurry of movies like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mogli, Cinderella and Mulan. Now is the time for what is one of the most important jobs in the house. And revolutionizing the representation, the series Ariel will be interpreted by the young black actress Halle Bailey. In the cast, big names like Javier Bardem (King Tritão) and Melissa McCarthy (the evil Ursula). Directed by Rob Marshall (The Return of Mary Poppins).

This week, Rede Globo aired the timeless classic Gremlins, from 1984, in the afternoon session. Steven Spielberg’s production was a big hit and was one of the iconic films of the era, but development issues left the sequel lingering for a long time, until its release in late 1990. The result was not the best and dear little creatures were kept in the fridge indefinitely.

The Gremlins have even appeared in television commercials and have never left pop culture, being the subject of several products in the most varied media. But another movie that’s good nothing. That is, until now, because from 2021 the Gremlins will be back in force! First, in the form of an HBO Max animated series set to debut later this year. But what everyone wants is Gremlins 3, which is in development, having previously announced the name of original creator Chris Columbus in script and production. We just have to wait.

Another popular product from the ’80s, Robocop – The Policeman of the Future was a revolution for the action movies of the time. Extremely violent, but with a sour sense of humor, the film used implicit parody to criticize aspects of our society. Over the sequences, the quality declines in lighter productions intended for children. It is no coincidence that Robocop has appeared in cartoons and children’s dolls.

Our compatriot, the great José Padilha, tried with his unique and very interesting vision in the 2014 remake, but the film did not win over audiences and critics. Now the studio is planning another copy of the franchise, this time being a direct continuation of the original film. And before it even kicks off, the production problems have already started. One unlucky director these days is South African Neill Blomkamp, ​​who over the past decade has made a name for himself in science fiction with titles like District 9, Elysium and Chappie. First, Blomkamp was “kicked” out of his project for Alien (which would be a direct continuation of Aliens – The Rescue) when Ridley Scott decided to make Alien: Covenant (2017). Now he’s also leaving Robocop Returns, making way for Abe Forsythe (Little Monsters). Robocop will also receive a new TV series ahead of the first film.

Three singles and a baby

Much closer to happening than a few items above on the list, this is a new remake of the classic comedy. The version everyone knows and loves from 1987 (the one with the urban legend of the ghost of the dead boy behind the curtain in one scene) is actually a full-fledged remake of a 1985 French production called 3 men and a baby. . Two years later, Disney, via its subsidiary Touchstone Pictures, released a remake with the style that became one of the biggest hits of the late 80s from the role, Steve Guttenberg (famous for the Police Madness franchise) and Ted Danson (famous for the Cheers series) to live singles.

The fun at the time, quite typical of the 80s, was to see macho men and single people convinced to “play a woman” and take care of a baby. Something totally out of place today. The interest will be to see how the new version, promised for 2022, will cope with this modernization. For now, we have Zac Efron’s name linked as one of the singles and maybe the debut will be on Disney +.

Known in Brazil as Na Terra da Magia, the proposal for medieval fantasy adventure Willow (1988), produced by LucasFilm, was to bring genre films, which had enjoyed great success early in the decade, up to date. the decade. The film was not a huge success, but it gained a legion of followers after its VHS release and cult status. Now in the hands of Disney, the product will be readapted to new times in the form of a series for Disney +. Production, however, was not easy and suffered numerous delays and several behind-the-scenes glitches – as some directors abandoned production on the series. Like Cobra Kai, the story of the Willow series will continue the events presented in the 1980s film, and will feature the famous dwarf Warwick Davis reprising the role of the wizarding farmer of the title. The first is promised for 2022.

To end the story, we have a franchise that has existed in every media form possible. It all started, of course, as a “home made” guerrilla-style movie with friends and very little money. Despite this, the creativity of director Sam Raimi made Evil Dead a huge cult hit. Six years later, in 1987, things changed shape with a larger and even more successful production, Uma Noite Hallucinante, the direct sequel. After the third film (much more of a comedic adventure than a horror) of 1993, Evil Dead and protagonist Ash (Bruce Campbell) appeared in all manner of merchandise, becoming pop culture icons.

It wouldn’t be until 2013 that the work would return in the form of a heavy remake. Two years later, Ash as the same Bruce Campbell would star in the cult series Ash vs. Evil Dead, which continued the adventures of the original trilogy. The show ran for three seasons. For years, a sequel to the remake had been debated. Now, it looks like producer Sam Raimi has gone for a straightforward sequel to the trilogy, titled Evil Dead Rise, which for the first time will center the plot in an urban setting rather than a cabin in the woods – that is – that is to say without counting the series. The film is in the filming phase and should be released in 2022.

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