The Hummer E-Bike Looks Almost as Ridiculous as the Truck That Inspired it



More in common than you might think.
Photo: Recon Power Bikes

The Hummer EV takes the standard pickup formula and adds more of everything. It’s longer, wider and heavier than any truck needs to be, so it tracks that a bike inspired by this behemoth would also be longer, wider and heavier than any bike needs to be.

Such a bike will soon exist, as American bike builder Recon Power Bikes will launch its Hummer-inspired e-bike later this year.

First reported by Inside EVs, the imaginatively titled the Hummer EV AWD E-Bike will launch in December and is basically exactly the kind of bike you’re expecting it to be. It’s not a dedicated downhill e-bike like Specialized’s Levo range of purpose built off-roaders, nor is it a heavyweight cargo bike that can transport all your hopes and dreams on two wheels.

Instead, it’s a bit of a mashup. It’s exactly the kind of rugged, go-sort-of-anywhere e-bike that fits the lifestyle of the kind of person that is on the waiting list for a Hummer EV.

On reflection, this looks like fun.
Photo: Recon Power Bikes

The Hummer E-Bike is an electric fat tire mountain bike. The bike does look pretty fun, it’s got big 5-inch-wide tires front and back, front suspension and a luggage rack out back for all your important cycling necessities.

The bike’s big talking point is that, like the truck that inspired it, this model is all-wheel-drive.

That’s right, Recon Power Bikes has fitted the Hummer E-Bike with two 750w motors, one in the front wheel and another in the back. These geared hub motors give this two-wheel-drive e-bike 80nm of torque and a combined 1,500w of power. And that’s great news if you like things with impressive numbers, which you probably do if you’re in the market for a Hummer-badged e-bike.

The bike will assists you up to a top speed of 28mph, the legal maximum here in the U.S., via pedal assist or with a handy little throttle when you need an extra boost. There are also three different riding modes called Cruise, Traction and Adrenaline so you can decide what kind of adventure you’re fancying.

Built into the frame, you’ll find a 48 volt, 17.5Ah lithium ion battery that can keep you on the road for “40 to 50 miles.” In the bike, that battery size is 840Wh, while the Hummer EV truck has a 212.7 kWh battery pack – more than 250 times larger.

The Humve-e-bike.
Photo: Recon Power Bikes

Obviously the truck weighs more — it’s more than 9,000 pounds and warrants an HGV license for anyone hoping to get behind the wheel in Europe. In contrast, the bike is 93lbs.

Other bikes we’ve tested here included the VanMoof S3, which clocks in at 48lbs and the cargo-focused RadWagon, which is 76lbs and feels like a beast when you try and carry it upstairs. So, much like the truck, this is a bike that’s heavier than it needs to be.

To help you keep a handle on all that weight, the Hummer E-Bike has hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear, as well as front suspension that you can adjust depending on the surface you’re covering.

The bike will go on sale in December, but you can pre-order one now for $3,999, which honestly isn’t as crazy as I was expecting.


Interestingly, none of the promo shots for the bike show it where you might expect: in the back of the Hummer electric pickup. Instead, they show it on a bike rack out back where its wheels protrude out the sides of the truck. Does this mean it might not actually fit in the gargantuan truck’s five-foot bed?

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