The Handmaid’s Tale: The Handmaid’s Tale | What to expect from the fourth season?



By Nathally Marques

After two years of waiting, the public will finally be able to follow the development of the fourth season of The Handmaid’s Tale. The series, which returned to Hulu on April 28, debuts on Brazilian soil on May 2, through Paramount + under great expectations.

Shrouded in much controversy and strong scenes since its first year of exhibition, the series based on the book published in 1985 by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood presents a dystopia over an ultra-religious and totalitarian society called Gilead, where one part of the United States. previously located. Faced with a low birth rate world plagued by environmental disasters, Gilead’s leaders are instituting a political regime based on religious fundamentalism, which uses women as state property.

In this new structure of society, the government uses the few remaining fertile women to serve as sex slaves – the chambermaids, where they are forced to bear the children of their commanders in an attempt to repopulate, using religious dogmas. as the basis for such violence. acts. Women who cannot get pregnant work with the treatment of contaminated garbage or look after the houses of commanders. In this cruel world, any action considered bad before Gilead can end up being punished with a series of tortures or even the death of those who break the regime.

In this new year, the story returns to follow the saga of the protagonist June (Elisabeth Moss), who was separated from her husband and daughter during the creation of Gilead. The series returns to the point where the third season ends: with June becoming the leader of a rebel and revolutionary movement.

June decides, after years of torture and sexual assault, to save 86 children born and raised there and take them to Canada, which is the main home for exiles and refugees from the new ultra-conservative nation. In the process, June ends up being shot, staying in Gilead and focusing on a new mission of trying to find her eldest daughter who has been adopted by a powerful family. Meanwhile, June’s former masters – the Waterfords – are incarcerated in Toronto for crimes against humanity.

In the 10 new episodes, the fourth season will show the first signs of hope for a better world, but all this through a lot of struggle and especially with the violence, which is characteristic of the series. Registration was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and had to be finalized last year, postponing its debut until that year.

According to published documents, there is evidence of greater Canadian involvement, which could mean Gilead will suffer more from international interference. It has also been reported that June and the maids who were involved in the evacuation plan will take refuge on the farm of Ms Keyes, a young woman who had an arranged marriage with a much older man and who is senile.

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Elizabeth Moss, who is making her directorial debut on the third episode of this season, said in an interview that the fourth season will provide answers to some promises that have been made so far and that many characters will undergo changes. important in these new chapters.

The plot no longer follows the events of the book since the second season and with it new stories and characters have been introduced, all closely followed by the advice of the author of the book, Margaret Atwood. Hulu has already acquired the rights to the new book “The Testaments”, a continuation that takes place 15 years after the moments recorded by the production, but it has not been revealed if at some point the authors will use it as a basis or will make it part of any other project in the future.

The Handmaid’s Tale has already been renewed for the fifth season and features big cast actors like Elisabeth Moss (2017 Emmy Award winner and 2018 Golden Globe Award for the role of June / Offred), Joseph Fiennes, Yvonne Strahovski, Samira Wiley, Alexis Bledel, Ann Dowd, Madeline Brewer, Amanda Brugel, Bradley Whitford, Sam Jaeger and Mckenna Grace.

The first three episodes will be available exclusively on Paramount + starting May 2, and subsequent episodes will be released weekly.

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