The greatest classics of the 90s that were real box office blockbusters



Today, blockbusters are getting bigger and more expensive. Hollywood’s megalomaniacal productions ultimately aim to offer a true spectacle to the viewer. After all, it’s the only way to compete with the advent of series, streaming platforms, giant screen HDTVs and all the things that make audiences prefer to stay home instead of going to the movies. . It is quite true that the cinema has been struck left and right by all kinds of competition; it must therefore constantly reinvent itself and be bigger and better. In other words, deliver something that you won’t have at home.

As a result, we have more and more products intended for young audiences (adolescents and children), as soon as we understand that they constitute the most profitable part of this type of service. But it was not always so. And we don’t even have to go back that far. Looking back to just 25 years old, we can see a different kind of overproduction. It was a time when many were growing up and was responsible for training a generation of movie lovers. In the not-so-distant past, the most successful and top-grossing films still resisted as works of entertainment aimed at young people and adults alike. This more mature type of entertainment has been lost over time, giving way to great productions of endless fight choreography or that use so many computer visuals that behave almost like cartoons instead of movies with real actors. .

Either way, here we bring you some other nostalgic material, especially aimed at those who think movies aren’t made the way they used to be. Here, we’ll revisit the big blockbusters of 25 years ago that dominated the North American and global box office. These are the biggest hits of movies turning 25 in 2021. Be sure to comment and let us know if you all remember them. To verify.

From that first element, it can be noted that the type of entertainment film of the 90s was quite different from what it is today – dominated by Marvel superheroes. Here we had a different kind of hero: a lawyer from the south who was trying to get a black man out of the death penalty, taking revenge on the rapists of his young daughter, in a still very racist part of the United States. The source of the adaptation was also different: a book by novelist John Grisham, rather than a comic book. Warner’s adult super-production, the late Joel Schumacher’s film has a very renowned cast, with names like Sandra Bullock and Samuel L. Jackson, and would also serve as a revelation for then-newcomer Matthew McConaughey – the protagonist. With a budget of $ 40 million, the film grossed $ 152 million worldwide.

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Yes, those were the days when a comedy with strong political and social lines managed to make it to the 10 biggest box offices of the year. A remake of a 1978 French hit, the North American version is just as good and was a hit when it was released 25 years ago. Partly because of the precise direction of the hugely talented Mike Nichols (A Man’s First Night). Part of this is due to the massive cast, which precisely sets the tone for the characters. Especially the late Robin Williams as the owner of a gay nightclub in Miami. Your son wants to marry a girl. But there is only one problem: his father is an extremely conservative politician, played by the great Gene Hackman. Now he has to “get by” with his lifestyle, which includes his affected partner (Nathan Lane), and pretend to be straight. The United Artists comedy cost $ 31 million and grossed $ 185 million worldwide.

Another hit ’90s comedy and another remake of a classic. The difference with the remakes of this time is that they tried to bring originality and differential compared to their original materials. See this case of a reimagining of the classic with ’60s Jerry Lewis. In the original, Lewis experienced a shy, nerdy professor, who gets a formula and becomes a “seeker,” reflecting much of his personality. friend Dean Martin. The makeover was given by the genius of humor Eddie Murphy, in this film which marked his return to success and to the big box office. Along with the obvious racial representation exchange, Murphy is raising his introverted teacher with several pounds of overweight – and for that, a superb makeup job has been done. Universal Pictures spent $ 54 million on the production, but saw a staggering $ 273 million worldwide.

07) Jerry Maguire – The Big Turn

25 years ago, Tom Cruise was at the top of the Hollywood food chain. Over two decades later, Cruise, despite being a controversial figure (in a way), has managed to stay on top, starring in some of the most expensive and grossing films in the industry. For the Top Gun star, not much has changed (just age, not so much appearance). Here, showing a somewhat unexpected success. This is not an action movie, gunshots and explosions. It’s a more intimate and romantic drama, about a sports agent who loses his job and has to reinvent himself. The film captivated large audiences and, with a budget of $ 50 million, earned Columbia Pictures (Sony) a worldwide box office of $ 273 million.

Featured in Netflix’s current collection for anyone who wants to enjoy this electrifying thriller about every parent’s worst nightmare: the abduction of their young child. At the height of his glory, star Mel Gibson is the star and explores his human and dramatic side as in few movies. The actor is personally involved in the plot, because in real life he is the father of nine children. Gibson plays a millionaire who has his son kidnapped and sets off on a earth-shattering journey to recover the intact child – which includes putting a price on the kidnappers’ heads. The film Touchstone Pictures (a Disney subsidiary), directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard, cost $ 70 million and grossed $ 309 million worldwide.

This year’s film Cruella was a huge success, starring Emma Stone in the title role of the villain in her youth, recounting how the character started out and morphed into the iconic Dalmatian slayer. But you only have to go back 25 years to find the first live-action version of Disney’s beloved 60s cartoon and have fun as the character. This first live-action Disney remake cost the studio $ 75 million and grossed $ 320 million worldwide.

The first action flick on the list, here’s an adventure in 007 best spy style. In fact, the film stars the one and only James Bond himself, Sean Connery. If I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe it, but there was a time when Michael Bay made really good movies. And this is one of them. In his second feature film for the cinema, Bay delivered to Hollywood Pictures (a Disney affiliate) the story of a former secret agent returning to work, the role of veteran Connery, who could very well be a version of 007. A chemical weapons specialist (Nicolas Cage fresh out of his Oscar victory), the spy must infiltrate the disused prison of Alcatraz (nicknamed A Rocha) and arrest a high-ranking renegade soldier and his troop. A Rocha, with a budget of US $ 75 million, has reached the US $ 335 million mark worldwide.

03) Mission: impossible

The blockbusters of the ’90s were so different that this adaptation of a classic’ 60s sitcom behaves more like a typical complex spy and suspense movie than an adrenaline-fueled action feature film. Make no mistake, Mission: Impossible still has its fair share of moments beyond electrification and surrealism, like the final scene with the train, helicopter, and tunnel. But compared to what was to come in the franchise, this first episode is even well contained. The property was purchased by star Tom Cruise and has already made six films, with the seventh set to open next year. But it all started here 25 years ago, in this feature film which carries the thriller genre thanks to the staging of the master Brian De Palma. The Paramount movie cost $ 80 million and grossed $ 457 million.

Star Tom Cruise re-energized the Missão: Impossible brand for the ’90s and scored a big goal, achieving a real box office phenomenon. The film was one of the biggest hits of 25 years ago, with only two films capable of demystifying it financially. One of them was this Universal Pictures super-production that had a real trump card up its sleeve: the presence of producer Steven Spielberg. Thus, fresh out of the astonishing Jurassic Park phenomenon (1993), which, among other things, served to implement the technique of computer-generated special effects (the so-called CGI), Spielberg will spend four years without realizing film, but would use the same techniques as in the effects that created the dinosaurs, this time to create tornadoes as aggressive as prehistoric beings. Today, many might consider Twister to be empty and inconsistent, but at the time, the film was very sold for its stunning effects and extreme quality, acting almost like a trip to an amusement park simulator. With a budget of $ 92 million, the film grossed the studio $ 494 million.

The big box office and popularity champion 25 years ago was Independence Day, a film about a large-scale alien invasion of Earth never before seen on the big screen. He doesn’t have one for anyone. Independence Day, with Mission: Impossible and Twister form the trinity of the great box offices of the last quarter century, helping to reshape blockbusters for the new times. Although it uses computer-generated visual effects and green screens, much of the making of this Roland Emmerich feature film was created in the traditional way, with actual miniatures and explosions. Previously, movies on this theme were considered B-movies for theaters and flourished a lot in the 1950s. What this blockbuster did was to bring this story to the attention of the general public, arousing the interest of the general public. . As if that weren’t enough, the film served to portray Will Smith as the next Hollywood star. With a budget of $ 75 million for Fox, the film grossed $ 306 million in the United States alone and $ 817 million worldwide, almost double the runner-up, making it not only a champion of the year, but of the decade. history of the seventh art.

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