“The Flash”: New behind-the-scenes photos suggest the presence of more than one Barry Allen; Check!



Filming for the solo film ‘The Flash’ is already in full swing and new behind-the-scenes footage is circulating on Twitter. The material in question, which was shared by a user on the social network, features Ezra Miller facing another guy who looks a lot like him, in addition to wearing a costume very similar to his character, Barry Allen.

Additionally, the unknown actor has image capture equipment strapped to his back. It is assumed that this small structure would be used for the replacement of the face, thanks to visual effects.

Will Barry Allen find another version of himself in an alternate timeline?


We see double Check out these new images from the #TheFlash set. Does Barry meet from an alternate timeline? #TheFlashMovie pic.twitter.com/QGcAYOrGuj

– The Flash Film News (@FlashFilmNews) July 19, 2021

Previously, reporter John Campea said Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne will be one of the film’s protagonists, and his starring will be as big as Sean Connery’s in ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’.

“His character will play a big role, as important as that of Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. It’s much bigger than we imagined, ”he said.

Enjoy watching:

Previously, the star was also clicked while recording certain scenes in London, England.

Check it out, along with more photos of the set:

– Bruce Wayne in 1992
– Bruce Wayne in 2022

Michael Keaton takes over the role in #TheFlash pic.twitter.com/z5KyOkrBp9

– DCVERSO (@ DCverso1) June 20, 2021

Damn they nailed that costume👏🏻👏🏻 #TheFlash #Supergirl pic.twitter.com/WZhkKHFZV1

– Cris Parker (@ 3CFilm) June 20, 2021

Damn they nailed that costume👏🏻👏🏻 #TheFlash #Supergirl pic.twitter.com/WZhkKHFZV1

– Cris Parker (@ 3CFilm) June 20, 2021

Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton on the set of “The Flash”. pic.twitter.com/7E3uota1DS

– El Multiverso by DC Comics (@ElMultiversoDC) June 20, 2021

Recalling that the recordings started in the Warner Bros. studios. in April. In May, scenes were filmed in Stamford, Lincolnshire, using Burghley House as Wayne Manor.

Ben Affleck will also reprise his role as the Dark Knight in the feature film, the announcement of which has many fans wondering what prompted him to make the decision.

Scheduled for release June 3, 2022, ‘The Flash’ will feature Barry Allen / Flash (Ezra Miller) traveling through time to prevent the murder of his mother. However, when he returns to the present, his mother is still alive…. but the world is a nightmare. The Justice League never existed and Barry must do everything to correct all his faults.

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