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The Evolving Selfies: Photography Styles To Stay For The Future




Have you been curious about the ever-static trend of the selfie? What is a selfie, and how did we as the human species lends from discovering the love of carving ourselves on rocks to high-quality real-time selfies!? The real question is, will the selfies really stay for the future or fade out like other trends? 

Well, don’t worry, as we will answer all of these questions and more related to selfies and how the world is affected by them, including how you can safeguard yourself from any hackers to your precious selfie moments. 

So without further ado, let us dive into the article! 

Are Selfies Here To Stay For Generations 

With the advent of self-portraits as human beings merged painting styles with creativity, we discovered the art of self-portraits, and they fulfilled a deep desire in us to capture ourselves in the moment! 

From those hours spent, perfectly painted self-portraits to selfies, the world has evolved thousands of decades as selfies bring human beings to a world of capturing ourselves in the moment by our own selves in seconds. Research on selfies revealed that today 93 million selfies are taken daily, demonstrating their popularity in our modern era.

We discovered the art of photography, the most powerful innovation of visual representation back in the 1800s, as the camera captures the moment and object (person) in a place by light. It was such an innovative discovery that the world changed forever, and human beings couldn’t stay long before they became increasingly obsessed with keeping a camera instead of finding an artist to paint their moments at the most natural hours and spaces. 

Since then, numerous photography styles and the invention of phones with cameras represented the human need to keep the pocket camera to capture themselves and their lives at whatever hour they need! Hence, human beings being the ever-curious and evolving race, discovered the front camera style, which surprisingly captured only them, like a mirror of their true self in their most inspiring moments. 

This front camera in phones brought on the photography style of “Selfies” as people played around with the front camera and discovered how they could genuinely click their own selves as the focal feature of the world of captured images. This is understandable, as this concept was not something new but rather an age-old desire in human beings to see themselves from a 3rd personal eye view. 

So, it is no wonder that as the world progresses onwards, the style of selfies will stay as a form of medium no matter if human beings discover a more transparent way to capture themselves. 

How Have Selfies Evolved Towards Self Discovery & Narratives 

Selfies have evolved from just a “duck face” pose where human beings discovered the child within them looking back through the selfie to giving them meaning by challenging society and cultures! In 2011’s duck face pose became the quirky pose that all human beings loved, becoming a powerful tool to portray a face of self-love and identity. Selfies became a symbol of more than just some fun face poses but showed a cultural and societal movement with the selfie pose at the onset of 2014.

People started advocating for positive contributions like body positivity or any movement they care to inspire more as the face selfie became a symbol of a human face supporting a cause! 

As the world witnessed the continuous evolution of selfie trends over the past few years, including popular trends like “blurry images”, powerful movements have also gained momentum. There are even hashtags that are followed by trendsetters like “#Wokeuplikethis Selfie” or “#nofilter Selfie” where the trend to portray our real fresh selves as we wake up is clicked in selfies to normalize body images and natural beauty. 

Is There A Risk Of Safety Online With Selfies 

Well, to disclose the truth, with the global increase in selfies posted every day per second with kids even as young as 3 years old to any years old population posting selfies online, it’s no wonder that there are predators online too who might use these selfies for the wrong purposes! 

Hence why, it’s essential to safeguard yourself without having to restrict yourself from posting your mandatory selfie posts for inspiration. This is especially important if you have a kid who you frequently post selfies of online or even yourself. 

Last Word 

We hope the above information contributes to your knowledge about how the famous style of selfies has evolved and how it is here to stay for the future as it has already made its mark by being a necessary feature in all devices from tablets to phones as front cameras

We also assure you that the safeguard against any online hackers or misuse that we have provided is truly a secure one!

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