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The evolution of event photography: AI’s impact on the industry



Event Photography

Event photography is constantly evolving as a discipline, as have the developments in both technology and artificial intelligence (AI), and we are now at the point where AI’s impact on event photography trends is indisputable.

But what is artificial intelligence? And how is it revolutionising the ways that event photographers work and event images are taken and edited? In this article, we will explore an overview of AI, together with the recent developments in AI technology that apply to event photography.

AI event technology: What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere in the modern age. AI is the mimicry of human intelligence in a computer system and can provide accurate results due to its powerful ability to pinpoint patterns and replicate them in practice. 

Creative event photography can be achieved with the help of artificial intelligence.  AI can use what it knows about photography to take stunning event photos. The arrival of AI to the event photography scene can increase the efficiency of the event photography process by providing automatic adjustments to images.

We all use AI to take photos on our smartphones, but this can be enhanced with further AI technology and advanced photo editing technologies. 

We shall begin by examining how AI has impacted our everyday event photography. 

AI and the evolution of event photography

Facial recognition

Facial recognition software is a common presence in technology, with many of us even having it on our mobile phones to gain access. But did you know facial recognition AI technology is also useful for event photography? 

Facial recognition software can now be found in many cameras, most notably as part of the autofocus function. Facial recognition on cameras can instantly scan the landscape and pick out any faces that are present and prioritise keeping these faces in focus in the image. 

Facial recognition is particularly useful in event photography as you will often be photographing in areas with busy landscapes, which means that people can easily go uncaptured (or there, but out of focus). Having this done automatically is invaluable for the efficiency of event photography. 

Environmental recognition

Creative event photography with AI can also be achieved through environment recognition. AI-enhanced depth of field adjustment ensures that the process of getting the foreground in focus, and the background blurred, is executed much more quickly than by using manual adjustments. This is an extremely useful tool in event photography when capturing the décor at events like conferences and weddings, where the foreground decoration detail is the desired focal point. 

Zoom features

AI photography programs take low-quality photos and refine them to give you perfect quality. This is a particularly useful feature when shooting events such as concerts, where fast movements are plentiful, so that you can restore the quality of blurred images. This means that many more otherwise-junk photos are still usable. 

Google and Adobe are both working on zoom and enhance programs. Adobe’s program can convert a 0.8MP image into one well over 3MP, bringing back the image’s defining features. 

Similarly, Google makes use of two processes as enhancers. These are Super Resolution via Repeated Refinement (SR3) and class-Conditional Diffusion Model (CDM).

SR3 works by adding noise to a photo and then reversing this to remove the noise, thus creating an accurate form of the photo. 

CDM increases the size of a photo. It makes use of a photo database that is knowledgeable about the qualities of high-resolution photos. CDM then uses SR3 on the photo in order to increase the resolution. 

AI Camera Software

By taking a look at a couple of examples of AI in photography, we can identify the future of AI and event photography.

Google Clips 

The Google Clips camera was the start of AI-generated photography as we know it. Although there was a button for event photographers to take their images, Google prompted the photographer to position the camera in a certain way. 

Google Clips selected key moments and created a small video from which the photographer could choose the best frame. 

The camera adapted to the clips the photographer saved in order to strive to increase the chances of taking more similar images. 

Although this camera has now been discontinued it is a really good way for us to understand the direction of AI technology and photography.


Arsenal is a system that can be attached to most DSLR cameras and can help you take better landscape images. 

This AI software has a database of images that it can search and provide you with the camera settings it thinks will help you to capture the best image in your given circumstance.  

This AI technology has been developed to also understand when you are taking a photo of moving activity so that the exposure time can be adapted accordingly. 

Photo editing and AI

Advanced photo editing can also be achieved with AI. AI photo editing can help you to keep up to date with event photography trends as you can edit your images to suit the current vogue. 

The most popular video editing software – Adobe Photoshop – utilises AI software. This manifests as the ability to edit elements of a photoshoot such as the direction of light, and the application of shadows and highlights to areas of a photo. 

AI-enhanced photos not only look an excellent professional standard, but they can also ensure that photos of a lower standard can be rectified and will excel, meaning that all is not lost if a photoshoot doesn’t turn out so well for some reason.


With all of this discussed the question remains: is AI the future of event photography? We can certainly see how AI’s impact on event photography will be significant and how it is revolutionising current event photography trends. Artificial Intelligence really is such a powerful tool. 

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