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The Dominican Republic at your feet: a path to residence

Imagine owning a beautiful home in a country with perfect weather and sunshine all year round. Picture yourself enjoying a peaceful retirement, relaxing in a comfortable chair, and sipping a refreshing drink. Now,




Discover the Dominican Republic: Invest, Reside, and Experience the Joys of Paradise

Imagine owning a beautiful home in a country with perfect weather and sunshine all year round. Picture yourself enjoying a peaceful retirement, relaxing in a comfortable chair, and sipping a refreshing drink. Now, think about the added benefit of getting a legal permit to live in a foreign country just by buying a house. If this sounds interesting to you, we invite you to explore the opportunity of investing in the Dominican Republic and becoming a legal resident there.

Before we continue, it’s important to clarify that the Dominican Republic and the Commonwealth of Dominica (or Dominica for short) are 2 different countries. Although they are both located in the Caribbean and have similar names, the states are separate nations with unique characteristics.

Moreover, these countries offer different advantages to foreign investors. Investing in Dominica’s economy will potentially give you full citizenship almost immediately while investing in the Dominican Republic initially grants you a legal residence permit. However, you can eventually become a citizen of the Dominican Republic through naturalization after a few years.

Life in the Dominican Republic: discover the advantages

If you dream of living a blissful life by the seaside, enjoying sandy beaches with swaying palm trees and perfect weather all year round, then the Dominican Republic is the ideal place for you.

The Dominican Republic is loved by wealthy North Americans who appreciate its natural beauty. Even Europeans, like the British and the French, are drawn to this paradise, despite the language difference.

Due to the undeniable charm of the Dominican Republic, tourists keep coming back. Some choose to make it their second home. For this purpose, they buy houses or apartments, ensuring a peaceful haven for future vacations.

Budget-friendly living and easy residence permits in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is growing its economy quickly, especially in tourism and financial services. If you want to get a residence permit in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a great option. Getting a residence permit here is easy, and it doesn’t cost much. You will find affordable homes because the real estate market has many options for those on a budget.

When you think about the cheapest islands to live on in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a top choice. You can find flights from the USA for as low as USD 100, especially if you look for deals from low-cost airlines. Hotels start at around USD 30 per night. And don’t worry about spending too much on food in the Dominican Republic. You can have a meal at a local restaurant for about USD 10 or a little more.

To live comfortably in the Dominican Republic, a budget of at least USD 1,800 per month for a couple is enough. If you want an affordable Caribbean place with tasty food at reasonable prices, the Dominican Republic is your choice.

What makes the Dominican Republic even more appealing is the affordability of homes. You can find new apartments starting at around USD 75,000 and average-sized detached houses for about USD 170,000. Buying property in the country can grant you a legal residence permit, adding to the allure of living in this enchanting destination.

How to obtain a residence permit in the Dominican Republic: your key to living in the country legally

If you don’t plan on buying property in the Dominican Republic, there’s still a way to get a temporary residence permit. To eventually become a permanent resident, you’ll need to live in the country with a temporary permit for 5 continuous years. Each year, you’ll have to renew the permit before you are eligible to apply for permanent residence.

If you choose to invest in the country’s thriving economy, this will speed up the process allowing you to obtain a permanent residence permit in just a few months. This includes finding a suitable property and making a purchase agreement.

To meet the investment requirements, you’ll need to invest at least USD 200,000. The above investment gives you the chance to own a beautiful seaside house or a luxurious city penthouse in the Dominican Republic.

The investment shall be in a registered business company in the Dominican Republic, which will then own the property. Another option for acquiring legal residency by investment is to deposit USD 200,000 into your company’s bank account. In this case, you’ll need to rent a place to stay during your time in the Dominican Republic.

No matter which investment option you choose, be sure to keep ownership of the property for 3 years. Remember that the invested funds must stay in the bank for the same period. Failure to meet these requirements could result in the termination of your residence permit.

Discover exciting opportunities with a Dominican Republic passport

As a proud holder of a Dominican Republic passport, you have a unique advantage to secure a US visa, typically allowing multiple entries for 5 to 10 years. The exact term depends on the consular officer’s decision.

The Dominican Republic passport offers a straightforward path to naturalization, more accessible and cost-effective than Panama and Dominica CBIs, with no large deposits or investments required.

For those aspiring to live in Mexico, the Dominican Republic passport provides an expedited route. Feel free to get a Mexican residence visa through the Dominican embassy in Santo Domingo and easily convert it to a plastic Residence Card upon arrival in Mexico.

Last but not least, with the Dominican Republic passport, you can open bank accounts and obtain bank cards in the jurisdiction.

Expert help with residence by investment in the Dominican Republic

International Wealth specializes in professional legal assistance with obtaining residence by investment in the Dominican Republic. Fast and efficient, our services are tailored to your specific requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us now so that you won’t miss your chance for a better life in this tropical haven!

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