“The Devil’s Death 4”: Director Shares SINISTER Audio of Horror Editing Process; To verify!



On his Twitter, director Lee Cronin shared a new video going behind the scenes of the horror-editing process “Evil Dead Rise”, revealing a SINISTER snippet of the feature film’s audio.

Disturbing sounds come out of the #EvilDeadRise edit suite in Dublin this Saturday evening. @newlinecinema @ghp_tweets @WAPictures

– Lee Cronin (@curleecronin) January 8, 2022

Recently, Bruce Campbell revealed that the new film will have a “dark and serious” tone, unlike older films in the original franchise.

“The new movie will be different [dos anteriores]. It will be very dark and will have a very serious tone. There is strong and excellent performance. This is a single mother who must take care of the book of the dead. The story revolves around the book … The book has passed from hand to hand. People are trying to get rid of it – they are trying to bury it or destroy it – but they can’t. So this book keeps appearing. It’s a story about what happens when this book is introduced into the lives of a specific group of people. And how they handle this situation.

He continues: “The family at the beginning of the story is not the same at the end of the film. All the characters are part of the same family in this film. And I think owning and killing your own parents is even heavier.

The plot will follow two estranged sisters, played by Alyssa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, whose reunion is interrupted when demons rampage, putting them in a paramount battle for survival as they face off against the most terrifying version of family imaginable. .

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Gabrielle Echols (‘Paths of Memory‘), Morgan Davies (‘The Huntsman) and Nell Fisher round out the cast.

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, director and star of the original trilogy respectively, will produce the new version.

In 2013, famous filmmaker Fede Alvarez invested in a remake that grossed $ 100 million worldwide on a budget of $ 16 million. Additionally, it got a solid reception from critics, garnering 62% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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