The Crown would have destroyed Queen Elizabeth: it is controversial



The controversy over the fifth season of The Crown does not subside. According to a friend of Queen Elizabeth, indeed, the new episodes would not have been appreciated by the Sovereign. Indeed, the insider said that the final season “would have destroyed the queen” due to the “wickedness” of certain scenes.

One of her closest friends spoke about some of the most controversial scenes, including the re-enactment of Princess Diana’s funeral and the fire that struck Windsor Castle in 1992. The Crown’s fifth series will also include scenes of then Prince Charles lobbying the Prime Minister. John Major in 1991 to force his mother to abdicate.

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Major’s spokesperson described the script as “malicious, malevolent fiction” and “a barrel of nonsense passed on for no reason other than to provide the maximum dramatic impact and utterly untrue”. Very harsh criticism that is already shaking the producers of Netflix. Now a friend of the Queen has also exposed herself.

What Queen Elizabeth would have thought of the fifth season of The Crown

Over the past few hours, a close friend of the late Queen Elizabeth decided to speak anonymously to The Sunday Times. The source said he was “horrified” by the fierce lies that will be presented as fact when the season airs on November 9. The Crown, indeed, has already drawn such criticism that it will have all eyes on it as soon as it becomes available.

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The source added: “I’m disgusted with what’s going on with Netflix and the way they slander the Royal Family. It’s vicious. It’s like they’re trying to destroy the Royal Family. He would have destroyed it. On the other hand, it is still a delicate moment for the royal family. Queen Elizabeth died just over a month ago and King Charles is struggling with the balance of the new kingdom.

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Responding to criticism, Netflix included a disclaimer in the initial titles stating that the show is fictional. This season will cover events from 1990 to 1997, a rather tumultuous period in royal history. The Crown writers also defended themselves from criticism, saying the new season “is imagining what might have happened behind closed doors for a meaningful decade for the Royal Family, a decade that has already been scrutinized and well documented by journalists, biographers and historians”. . But the Brits don’t like the choices of the production, which also grapples with the scenes of Princess Diana’s death and funeral.

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