The Crown: why Imelda Staunton is the best Queen Elizabeth in the series



Playing the life of the most beloved queen of all time isn’t easy, but let’s see why Imelda Staunton is the best queen in all 5 seasons of The Crown.

Elizabeth II is a historical icon, one of our sacred figures in contemporary history and interpreting her life, every step of the way, is no easy task. Many of the best biopics in movie history are those that simply take a moment in someone’s life and expand on it in detail.

Set designer and playwright Peter Morgan took on an ambitious project with The Crown. Queen Elizabeth II’s life has been drained at every step, from her coronation to the present day. To further the goal, the cast was also changed every two years to convey the passage of time.

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The first version of Queen Elizabeth II is by Claire Foy. The actress plays a strong woman struggling with two life changes: from bachelor to married and from princess to queen, following the untimely death of her father, King George VI. With the third season of The Crown, Claire Foy entrusts the role of Elizabeth II to Olivia Colman. The queen as an adult is split between being a mother, a wife, a modernizer, a traditionalist, and a queen.

The Queen by Imelda Staunton

There are few episodes in which we have seen Imelda Staunton as Lilibeth, but she has already proven to be the definitive version of the character. His masterful and contemplative performance is the most nuanced performance to date. The actress said: “It was an honor to step into this production and see how everyone already knew what they were doing compared to us being new.

Everything is studied in detail, even what will not really be framed on stage, as happened yesterday during a scene where Elisabetta is having breakfast. Peter Morgan explores the real emotional side of these characters, and we want to honor his writing work as much as possible.”

A Conscious Queen

Elisabetta chooses very easily how and when to express herself. The 90s and the year ’92 in particular is an “Annus Horribilis” for the queen. He decides to express his sadness in front of the audience by implying that even his character is not free from sadness and power does not relieve you of pain. Carlo’s divorce, Lady D’s scandals, the fire that involved his property, contribute to the dark year.

The Crown 5 – Scene from the TV series

Also, Staunton best expresses his concern over a matter that has never been discussed before. As Diana’s popularity grew and resentment towards Prince Charles grew, the public began to doubt the monarchy. This is why Elizabeth herself, throughout the season, will feel threatened and her legacy always questioned.

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