The Crown Has Crossed the Line: All Complaints



There is growing dissent against The Crown, Netflix’s well-known television series based on the events of the British royal family. Many voices have been raised in recent days to comment on the choices, jokes and scenes that will be broadcast in a few weeks. Royal biographers, archbishops and even the same team working on the making of the series – they all think the production has overshot.

To trigger more and more indignation, some jokes declared by the protagonists. In one scene, in fact, we see Prince Charles telling Princess Diana that she should have been “thrown in prison for being a bad mother”. Very strong words that aroused anger. Official royal biographer William Shawcross told the Telegraph he was ‘hateful and deliberately offensive’.

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Shawcross added that The Crown is a series “full of lies and half-truths” and accused creator Peter Morgan of leading “a campaign to abuse the monarchy and destroy a vital institution by lying”. But the controversy does not end there. Politician John Major also harshly commented on the TV series stating that it was “harmful fiction”.

Crown staff also add to controversy as Emma Corrin calls Lady Diana ‘Queer’

The next season of The Crown, due out soon, is making a lot of noise. Indeed, genuinely authoritative voices have added to the growing controversy, intervening to defend the royal family from a deleterious view of reality. Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, also spoke to the Telegraph, commenting on a scene in which Queen Elizabeth confides in him that the breakdown of her children’s marriages “looks like a most terrible parental failure”.

Dominic West, Teddy Hawley, Elizabeth Debicki, Timothee Sambor in The Crown Season 5.

The Archbishop said he was “surprised”, adding that the words “do not resemble any conversation he has ever had with the Queen”. And if the coming season is already debated, it seems that we will have to expect worse from the one whose filming is still in progress. According to the Sun, indeed, even the crew members are worried about the scenes that tell of the death of Princess Diana. An insider, indeed, said: “It seems the line has been crossed. Coming back to Paris and turning Diana’s last days and hours into drama is very uncomfortable.”

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Finally, to complete the picture, the statements of Emma Corrin, former muse of the series, who in the past dressed the role of Princess Diana during the fourth season of The Crown. The actress, indeed, speaking in an interview with The Sunday Times, said that “in many ways Diana was so queer” because she was an “other” within the royal family and kissed “strangers” throughout his life. Strong claims that could still make noise.

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