The Crown fifth season never-before-seen footage from Netflix



As the UK continues to mourn the recent death of Queen Elizabeth II, Netflix has released the first images from the fifth season of The Crown. The series devoted to the British royal family, which has become a cult, is ready to thrill new events linked to the history of the English crown.

Netflix broadcasts, before the release of the fifth season of The Crown on November 9, 2022, some exclusive images of the series already become cult of the British royal family. A new cast is coming, led by Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II.

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II (left) and Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (right) in The Crown, Season 5.

The new season will cover the events of the British Royal Family in one of the most critical times for Britain and its reign: the 90s. A very eventful decade, documented and interpreted by journalists, historians and biographers .

The protagonists of the new season of The Crown

As the note launching the exclusive first images of The Crown 5 suggests, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana reveals, “That’s what’s amazing about playing these people right now. Because in the journey of The Crown, of all seasons, the fifth is the most visually accurate content we have of the royal family.In the 90s everything started to be filmed, even with the birth of the active news channels 24 hours a day, so there’s just this incredible amount of content that we have access to.” A very documented period, in fact, which allows us to have concrete confirmation with the events told in the Netflix series.

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret

Season 5 features a cast change, which as Dominic West as Prince Charles explains, “I think people understand, with the cast changing every two seasons, that it’s not a knockoff. It is the evocation of a character”. Imelda Staunton feels a great responsibility representing the late Queen Elizabeth II and hopes she has satisfied the public’s desire. “The big thing, and I hope I don’t prove them wrong, is people said, ‘I can’t wait to see her play the queen. So let’s just hope it works for them, because I’ve done it before. I can’t do anything about it now.” Among other roles, in the series created and written by Peter Morgan: Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville is, instead, Princess Margaret. Again, Claudia Harrison as Princess Anne and Olivia Williams plays Camilla Parker Bowles. Jonny Lee Miller plays John Major, Salim Daw plays Mohamed Al Fayed and Khalid Abdalla plays Dodi Fayed.

The synopsis of the fifth season

In The Crown 5, on the eve of her 40th anniversary of accession to the throne, Queen Elizabeth II reflects on a reign that included nine prime ministers, the rise of television for the masses and the demise of the British Empire. Several events represent new challenges to be met. It begins with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transfer of sovereignty from Hong Kong. Both events represent a radical and significant change on the international horizon and in the monarchy. Meanwhile, for Her Majesty, there are also “internal challenges”. Prince Charles (now King Charles III) urges his mother to consent to a divorce from Princess Diana. Event that creates the basis for a constitutional crisis in the British monarchy.

Dominic West, Teddy Hawley, Elizabeth Debicki, Timothee Sambor in The Crown Season 5.

Meanwhile, life between Carlo and Diana is in constant imbalance. The princess decides to publish a book that fuels gossip by breaking the rules of the royal family. Public opinion is moving away from its support for Prince Charles and strong differences are fueling within the royal family. The tension reaches its climax when Mohamed Al Fayed enters the scene. The latter, eager to be accepted by the nobility, exploits his heritage and the power he acquired alone to enter the “graces” of the royal family with his son Dodi.

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