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The critics have decided! Check out the 45 worst horror movies of ALL time – Part 2



Today, October 31, is Halloween. And nothing better to celebrate the date than marathon horror films and series to get you in the mood for the date – even if such films are not necessarily horror, but rather drawn to suspense or even to a more light-hearted, comedic horror, the so-called “terrify”. To do this, simply select a list of your favorite movies, gather your friends and guarantee fun. And if you don’t know what to watch, we’ve put together a list of tips for the productions present on the most varied streaming platforms so you don’t miss the date. Another important tip is what to avoid watching. And so, now we bring you just that, with the definitive list of critics “voting” the 45 worst horror movies of all time. As the material would be very broad, we have divided it into two parts. Here is the second part. Check it out below.

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Another film from 2019. This one, I can say I had the “honor” of seeing it in a press screening, promoted by Paris Filmes before its debut in Brazilian cinemas. Yes, the film is shown in our rooms. Starring Gary Oldman after the actor won the Oscar, the film should have Nicolas Cage in the lead role – just to feel the drama.

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Even great actors are not free to play in real movie bombs. In fact, it’s hard to find an actor who hasn’t already slipped into a really “stinky” movie. The talented Julianne Moore also has her share of slip-ups, and this horror of a psychiatrist treating patients with multiple personalities is definitely one of them.

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Eliza Dushku, Wes Bentley, Melissa Sagemiller, Casey Affleck and Luke Wilson are some of the familiar faces today who star in this Thursday terror about a group of young car crash victims after a night of partying and drinking, and facing a reality full of hauntings.

Now on the worst list is Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin, in this Dimension Films production. In the story, an American family moves into a house in Spain, only to discover that the place is haunted. And who said evil spirits respect voicemail.

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John Carpenter’s Fog (1980) was a flop at the time of its release, but then lived on to become one of the director’s many cult works. The 2005 remake, starring TV stars Tom Welling (Smallville) and Maggie Grace (Lost) is just plain bad, without gaining survival.

Another remake of a cult classic. No surprises. Mortal Line (1990) was successful at the time and featured faces like Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon and Kiefer Sutherland as resident doctors playing God, dying and rising again at will, but bringing something more with them. The remake stars Diego Luna, Kiersey Clemons, Nina Dobrev and Elliot Page, again as Ellen Page.

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Here, who pays for his sins is the great Robert De Niro as a mysterious doctor who agrees to the dubious procedure of cloning the son of a desperate couple after the death of “the original”. The “awesome” parents are played by Greg Kinnear and Rebecca Romjin.

As said, Domination wasn’t the last “biblical/apocalyptic” movie on the list, and it wasn’t the last to feature an Oscar-winning star paying lip service. Here, Kim Basinger stars as a woman tasked with protecting a girl who can save the world from the Antichrist.

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The great Kevin Bacon will be the subject of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special, when the cast decides to gift him to Starlord to cheer him up. We can therefore think that Bacon never makes a mistake. But not quite. Just watch The Darkness, about a family and hauntings. Yes, you have already seen this film.

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of its debut, it makes the list one of the most obscure and forgotten horror productions of the past decade. Despite this, we have Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan and Tom Felton as protagonists.

What would a list of the worst horror films of all time be without a production by German Uwe Boll, considered the “Ed Wood” of our time? In other words, the worst movie director in the industry. Here, he adapts a cult video game in the form of a cinematic atrocity.

Yes, this post is true! The “creativity” of the major studios is always “brilliant” when it comes to current fashion, even more so when it comes to new technological trends. Here, the theme of this horror starring Sony’s Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone and Stephen Rea is an evil site. It looks dated, and it is!

Now established in their careers, Haley Bennett (The Magnificent Seven and The Girl on the Train) and Chace Crawford (The Profound One, by The Boys) had to take their first steps somewhere. The option seemed good with this teen horror that shows teenager Molly Hartley (Bennett) being tormented by the school bully and also hauntings.

Another video game adaptation present in the list of the worst horror films of all time. And another film directed by the daring Uwe Boll. Here, with special effects that are the envy of first-generation video game graphics, Christian Slater plays a detective on the hunt for evil creatures, with help from the likes of Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff.

Tony Oller (The Purge) and Aimee Teergarden (Scream 4) star in this horror flick about teenagers trying to unmask the town hero as a bloodthirsty serial killer, before other co-workers die. But who becomes the feature film’s gimmick is veteran Dennis Quaid.

Actress Mischa Barton achieved great success on television thanks to the teen series OC – A Stranger in Paradise, which aired for 4 seasons, from 2003 to 2007. After that, the girl’s career took a dizzying fall , leaving only C-level productions for her. Here’s another, where she plays the jealous and crazy ex-girlfriend of a boy, going to the last consequences to get him back.

Narrowly avoiding the podium of the worst horror films of all time, we have this production starring muse Kate Beckinsale, of the Underworld films. With the crazy story of the new haunted house where a family moves in, the film is directed by DJ Caruso, and he was not forgotten in the title.

Now yes. Climbing up the podium of worst horror movies of all time, we have another production from 2016 – one of the worst recent years for cinema. The 2002 original Hell’s Cabin wasn’t a masterpiece, but it did serve to introduce director Eli Roth to the world, for better or worse. However, no one in their right mind would expect the movie to be remade, let alone so quickly. But that’s exactly what we got with this feature seen by a total of zero people.

We must admit that the second position of the worst films of all time, according to the critics of Rotten Tomatoes, is a production that falls into the category so bad that it is good! It’s hilarious, but Jaws 4 is still remembered on many lists of not only horror, but also worst movies of all time. And to think that the franchise began with the excellent Jaws (1975), by Steven Spielberg, still considered the opposite of it, one of the best of all time. And it should have ended there. Michael Caine, an established actor and above suspicion, is the one starring, but claims he’s never watched it, only enjoying the house he bought with his fee.

In the very first position among the worst horror films of all time, winning the gold medal from the bottom, is this production from Warner Bros. Budget of $20 million. And yes, you understood correctly, it’s another remake of an Asian work, this one from 2003 in Japan. The plot is about people receiving calls on their cell phones from their future selves, informing them of the date and time of their death. Guillermo del Toro is the one who got rid of it, as he was asked to realize, but he refused it. Always a sage.

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