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Reflecting on what was shown in the first season, House of the Dragon fans have extrapolated some character and storytelling theories, some more unlikely than others: here are the most popular.

Fans already feel the lack of House of the Dragon: for this reason, carefully analyzing the details of the first season, some have worked out many theories, some more absurd and improbable than others. Are you curious to know which are the most popular? The TV series is set in Westeros, a fictional world already introduced in Game of Thrones but which is a few centuries ahead of the parent series’ characters.

Dragon House

The protagonists in this affair are the Targaryens, among the most powerful families (also thanks to the support of the fire-breathing dragons) of the whole continent but who, due to internal disagreements, have compromised their own heritage. As with the parent series, this one is also based on George RR Martin’s novel (titled Fire and Blood). But what are the most popular theories among fans?

House of the Dragon, fan theories about the first season

A rather popular theory concerns Helaena, who would be closer to Aemond than to her husband, brother Aegon. As a child, Aemond had a crush on his sister, but his mother decided that she would be Aegon’s wife. The girl never hid her husband’s disinterest in her. And there are those who suspect that between Healena and Aemond was then born the tender one, to the point of giving birth to children: according to this theory, the children born by Helaena would therefore not belong to Aegon, but to his brother.

Dragon House

And, staying on the subject of children, another popular theory among House of the Dragon fans concerns Ser Criston. In the early episodes, he swore allegiance to Princess Rhaenyra, then Alicent saved him from certain death and has been by her side ever since. Yet, as long as he served for Rhaenyra, the two maintained a romantic relationship. And there are those who suspect that her first son, Jacaerys, is really Criston’s son. At the time, the King was careful to make the princess drink a tea purely for unwanted pregnancies, but viewers never saw Rhaenyra drink this tea. Does this mean that her first child could be that of Criston? Tough, considering the princess’ first child arrives after the series’ time jump ten years later. The boy in this case is 7 years old, so he can’t be Criston’s son.

What if Daemon was the Night King?

Another theory House of the Dragon fans love involves Larys Strong. There are those who suspect the man is a warg, as happened to Bran Stark. The suspicions relate to the images of the rats running around the Red Keep, which would make it easier to spy on Larys. Finally, the most enticing theories concern Alicent and Daemon. For the queen, it is rumored that she can transform into Melisandre from Game of Thrones.

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But this theory has several flaws: Alicent is devoted to the Seven, while Melisandre to the Lord of Light. Also Alicent is from Oldtown, Melisandre from Asshai. Of course, in more than a hundred years, everything can change. Regarding Daemon, however, some believe he will become the Night King, the feared adversary of Game of Thrones.

Dragon House

A pretty crazy theory, but based on a few details. The strongest part is that, in Martin’s novel, Daemon’s body is never found, so it’s possible he ended up somewhere. Another is that the Night King is immune to fire and knows how to ride a dragon. But, as also explained in Game of Thrones, the wall was built hundreds of years before House of the Dragon.

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