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The center-right ready to govern: assumptions about ministers



Elisabetta Casellati, Carlo Nordio, Antonio Tajani - Photo by Ansa FotoElisabetta Casellati, Carlo Nordio, Antonio Tajani – Photo by Ansa Foto

Five ministries, as much as the League which nevertheless has +1 with Giancarlo Giorgetti in the Economy. This is the request of Forza Italia, which Silvio Berlusconi would have reported yesterday to Giorgia Meloni, during the meeting via della Scrofa to repair relations between the forces of the center-right.

The government is thus beginning to take shape, while waiting for the institutional procedures for consultation with the President of the Republic to be completed, before the latter gives the Prime Minister a mandate to form the new government.

‘Equal dignity’: Meloni grants Fi the same number of League ministers

Meloni reportedly granted Forza Italia the same number of League ministers, in the name of equal dignity invoked since the vote result. Even if FI is the party that obtained the least preferences compared to FdI and Lega.

Berlusconi’s demands

Berlusconi’s most coveted loot would be the Ministry of Justice, which the Prime Minister in pectore is said to be determined to award to Carlo Nordio. For Elisabetta Casellati, favorite for the role of Keeper of the Seals, the doors of the Ministry of Reform could rather open. Forza Italia could also go to universities and research and public administration, occupied respectively by Anna Maria Bernini and Sestino Giacomini (or Alessandro Cattaneo, if he was not chosen as group leader). Both could also rise to command the Mef as under-secretaries.

There is a definite no to Mise for Forza Italia, which in the scheme described in the meeting via della Scrofa. However, Berlusconi could obtain the Ministry of Ecological Transition led by Gilberto Pichetto. The energy could return via Veneto, with the economic development which, in this case, would go to Guido Crosetto.

Forza Italia would still like Farnesina with Antonio Tajani, who would also occupy the post of Deputy Prime Minister with Matteo Salvini (this is Silvio Berlusconi’s request).

Ministries in Lega share

For the leader of the Northern League, the role of Minister of Infrastructure is also self-evident. The rest of the League’s ministries, in addition to the non-quota Mef, would be Agriculture with Gian Marco Centinaio, Regional Affairs and Autonomy with Roberto Calderoli after the return to the Senate, Interior with Matteo Piantedosi, Education or family again. with Simona Baldassarre or Handicap for Erika Stefani.

Marina Calderone could go to work. “I would like to be Minister of the Interior – Salvini told the Fourth Republic – That said, Matteo Piantedosi was there with me, together we wrote the security decrees”. And on the possible placement at the Ministry of Infrastructure instead, Salvini says: “Rixi would do it better than me. I’m thinking of him, I’m thinking of Deputy Minister Morelli, there’s a lot of work to be done, we have to overcome the no, what the bridge doesn’t want, the one who doesn’t want gas, regasifiers, we need nuclear”.

At Palazzo Chigi, on the other hand, Meloni could bring Giovanbattista Fazzolari with him.

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