“The cash cap will go up”



Giorgia Meloni – Picture by Ansa Foto

After that of the Chamber, the Meloni government obtained the confidence of the Senate with 115 yes, 79 no and 5 abstentions. The people present were 200, the voters 199.

“The Senate also voted to trust the government. We presented a clear and detailed program during the election campaign. We will keep our commitments: the link between representative and represented is the essence of democracy. To work immediately to respond to Italy’s emergencies,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote on Twitter.

The call for opposition

Yesterday was a long day for Palazzo Madama and in her long response, the Prime Minister appealed to the opposition: “We have always made a very frank opposition. I believe that debate is the salt of democracy. We were asked, when we voted to cut parliamentarians, “what do you expect in return?”. Nothing, because we share it. It is this courage and this loyalty that I can ask of the opposition, that we can talk on the merits, that there are no ideological debates. I hope you want to evaluate the measures on the merits and assess whether to vote on them or not”.

The cash ceiling and the Pnrr

At the center of Giorgia Meloni’s speech there was the cash ceiling, which does not prevent evasion and “penalizes the poor”, the minimum wage which does not solve the problem of “low wages”. The Pnrr, half of whose funds have been spent so far, the management of the Covid, with choices which according to the Prime Minister have been “unfounded”, marrying science as if it were “a religion”.

Energy: “Italy cannot switch from Russian dependence to Chinese dependence”

Meloni announced his will to govern Italy with a vision and regarding the energy emergency, he said that Italy will not have to go “from dependence on Russian gas to that of Chinese raw materials” , which will have to overcome incomprehensible bureaucratic obstacles. Drilling will restart in the Adriatic because if the gas is extracted by others “it pollutes less”.

The South “energy hub of Europe”

The South will also be at the center of the discussion, which could become “the energy hub of Europe” also to avoid having to install regasifiers “with urgent procedures and heavy impacts on the territory”.

Ukraine and peace

Meloni also has clear goddesses about Ukraine: peace is achieved neither “with the surrender of kyiv” nor “with the rainbow flags” in the square.

Reduced tax wedge to raise wages

Rather than the minimum wage, which risks being a “decoy”, according to the Prime Minister, we must counter poor work by “extending collective agreements”, in addition to reducing the tax wedge by 5 points to increase wages .

The flat tax and the cash cap

As for taxes, Meloni directly challenges the governments of the Democratic Party and former minister Pier Carlo Padoan who had argued that there was no correlation between the level of cash and tax evasion. One of the first concrete gestures of the executive, in addition to the “incremental flat tax”, which is a “merit” reward for those who commit to doing more, will also be given “the hand to the cash ceiling”.

Demonstrations in La Sapienza: “We do not take to the streets to prevent others from speaking”

The Prime Minister also turned to Senator Ilaria Cucchi, responding to the Sapienza clashes: one does not take to the streets “to prevent others from speaking”, that “respect for the ideas of others” is the basis of democracy.

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