“The Card Counter”: Thriller starring Oscar Isaac wins thought-provoking official trailer; To verify!



Focus Features recently released the official trailer for ‘The Card Counter,’ a new thriller starring Oscar Isaac, which is set to premiere in the US on September 10.

To verify:

In Brazil, the feature still does not have a confirmed release date.

The film is directed by Paul Schrader (‘Corrupted Faith’, ‘Taxi Driver’).

Tell (Isaac) just wants to play cards. His Spartan existence in the casino is turned upside down when he is approached by a vulnerable and angry young man who seeks help in carrying out his revenge plan against a military colonel. Tell sees the chance for redemption through her relationship with him. Winning support from a mysterious funder, Tell takes a young man with him, jumping from casino to casino until the trio find themselves in the center of a poker tournament. But maintaining the balance of the new knowledge proves impossible, bringing Tell back into the shadows of his past.

Tye Sheridan, Willem Dafoe and Tiffany Haddish complete the cast.

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