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The boys | Meet the curiosities of the hit Amazon series – which is a parody of the Justice League



The Boys is an absolute hit on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform. In fact, if you haven’t seen it yet, stop everything and go see it. The program is a complete plate for those who enjoy the universe of superheroes and comics, but the series is much more than that, being recommended for those who like surprising and full of twists and turns. Much more adult than one would expect from works of the genre, The Boys is extremely violent, lewd and very subversive. In fact, it is far from recommended for minors.

The Amazon collection already includes the two seasons shown by the house’s original program, and the third and long-awaited debut has yet to be announced for 2021. Nonetheless it has already become one of everyone’s most beloved series. the times in the opinion of fans, being among the 95 best of all time for the general public. Other than that, it reserves 90% approval among reviews on the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator. The plot shows a world where superheroes are a reality, but contrary to what we expect of them, behind the scenes in general they have the worst character imaginable, completely corrupted and corrupted by fame – even committing crimes. murders without the knowledge of the public. Do you know this celebrity story which is horrible in private life? Well. Thus, certain ex-agents create a clandestine group intended to keep these heroes “in line”, even if they have to put an end to it.

Our maximum recommendation for the series has already been given (and here you hear from someone who was initially reluctant to jump into this project, but ended up diving head first). To warm up the engines for the third season, here are some behind-the-scenes curiosities of the program. Check.


Many may not know it, but the satire of boys started in the comics. Yes, before being a TV series that plays with hero mythology by adding lots of acidic layers, The Boys did the same on the pages of a comic book series created by Garth Ennis and originally launched. in 2006. The stories lasted six years. published until 2012, out of a total of 72 editions.

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg

For those who do not know, the program is produced by friends Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the duo most associated with cracked comedies. It is true that The Boys has a sour humor. Among the duo’s cinema works, we find films like Superbad – É Hoje (2007), Segurando as Pontas (2008), É o Fim (2013), Neighbors (2014) and Festa da Salsicha (2016), for example. I could feel the imprint. Rogen and Goldberg were even going to direct the first episode, but couldn’t do so due to scheduling conflicts.

The creator

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Garth Ennis, the creator of the comic book characters, is no stranger to this universe. In fact, Ennis was responsible for the universe of Hellblazer and Constantine, and Preacher. Thus, we feel the unique style of the writer present in all his texts, owner of a lot of inappropriate humor and a lot of graphics. Hollywood wasted no time perceiving the author’s work as highly adaptable to the audiovisual industry. Thus, Constantine won a film (2005) and a television series (2014), and Preacher became a successful series (2016), also produced by the duo Rogen and Goldberg.

Justice League Satire

It’s no secret to anyone who at least knows the comic book universe that the Seven, the show’s most famous supergroup of heroes, is an open parody of the Justice League, the team that brings together the greats. DC Comics characters. So quickly fans noticed the countless similarities between Captain Homeland (Antony Starr) and Superman, Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) and Wonder Woman, the Bullet Train (Jessie T. Usher) and Flash, the Profound (Chace Crawford) and Aquaman and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) and Batman. This is precisely one of the great attractions of the program, presenting a distorted version of these unwavering icons. Something like “what would the League be like if its members had really harmful personalities behind the scenes.”

The protagonist Little Hughie

Hughie was a normal young man, had a job and a girlfriend, until she was “accidentally” killed by a Super as a “side effect” of his heroic actions. The people who are supposed to protect us too are capable of atrocities, intentional or not, and continue without punishment. The price to pay? Or appropriate for the repercussions? The fact is what opens the boy’s eyes to the reality that these heroes may not be as heroic as he imagined. Thus, he soon finds himself recruited to be part of the Boys, a clandestine team which aims to denounce the crooks of the powerful corrupt. The role, of course, is played by Jack Quaid, son of actors Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in real life. But that wasn’t always the plan. Initially, Hughie was drawn in the comics as a lookalike for actor Simon Pegg, a nerdy universe enthusiast. So, it was thought that Pegg could reprise the character in the mid-2000s when the comic first came out. The problem was, the adaptation took so long to start that the solution was to have Pegg play Hughie’s father Hugh Campbell as a living on the show.

Movie X Series

Perhaps even some fans of the series are unaware that prior to the success of the Amazon series, it was believed that the comic book adaptation would take the form of a movie for theaters. Which would undoubtedly be interesting. However, with the strength that television has gained in recent years, no one will complain about the media swap, since The Boys is an extremely cinematic series and owes nothing to any overproduction that happens in theaters.

Team change

As said, The Seven is essentially a joke with the Justice League, with some obvious similarities in the personalities, characteristics, and uniforms of their characters. But the similarity would be even greater with the addition of another hero – who changed form in the transposition of media. Originally in the comics, the member of the Seven who quickly left the scene was not Translucent, the character with the power of invisibility. On paper, his place was occupied by Jack from Jupiter, an alien character, who served as a parody of the Mars Hunter, the green alien member of the Justice League. The change came from the fact that in the series a “more realistic” approach to the powers of the superhero was given, and a being from another planet would not fit into this narrative.

Gender subversion

Another aspect of big difference in the transposition of comics on the small screens is the female representation. To adapt more to our times, it is not uncommon to have more affirmative racial or gender changes with modernity. Here we have the example of James Stillwell, the face of the company Vought, who manages the super team of heroes and is its contact with “the real world” and the US government. Anyone who has seen the series knows that the character underwent a gender reassignment when she became Madelyn Stillweell, the role of veteran Elisabeth Shue. The change proved to be helpful and created a more effective and disturbing dynamic with the leader of the Seven, Captain Motherland. A curiosity is that actor Antony Starr, interpreter of the hero, had a crush on Shue in his youth. Another striking character who underwent a comic book overhaul for the series was Tempesta. At HQ, the character was a male, a version of Shazam, turned into a female for the series, in which she was played by actress Aya Cash. Tempesta, or Stormfront in the original, however, hasn’t changed its origins or its dramatic arc in the media.

The Powerpuff Boys

In the series, anarchic group The Boys discovers a trapped young Asian woman, with uncontrollable fury and overwhelming gifts. Nicknamed “the female”, the silent character is played by Karen Fukuhara. In addition, the revolutionaries also enlist Luz Estrela (Erin Moriarty), a member of the Seven in person, for their cause. Two overpowered beings at your disposal. However, in the comics, all of The Boys, including Hughie, use Compound V, the product that empowers the heroes, thus becoming virtually invincible and taking their fight to new levels. Will we see something like this at some point in the program?

Who is Black Noir?

Black Noir is one of the most enigmatic characters in the series. Sullen, devious and stupid, the hero is the twisted version of Batman for the series. Until the end of the second season, all that is known about him is that he has a strong allergy to peanuts (his Achilles heel) and that under the mask is a black man. with some deformation on the face. In the comics, on the other hand, it is revealed that Black Noir is actually a clone of Captain Homeland, created as a contingency plan to assassinate him if he goes too far down the line. Even crazier than the original, Black Noir commits more horrific crimes than Captain Homeland himself to incriminate him. Until the end of the story, the two engage in a deadly duel. Will this narrative segment ever find a place in the series?

Pyro or Iceman?

Also in the second season, we are introduced to the character Facho de Luz (Lamplighter in the original). A former member of the Seven, the hero was “fired” from the team after being discovered for murder. His powers immediately refer to those of the character Pyro, who is part of the mutant X-Men universe, seen in theaters in the early Fox films directed by Bryan Singer – where he was played by actor Aaron Stanford. In other words, he is able to control fire, but not to generate it. The big catch behind the character of The Boys is in the cast of the actor who plays him: Shawn Ashmore. The actor is also a veteran of the X-Men in the movies, but he played the role of Iceman, Pyro’s nemesis.

Nazism is real (unfortunately)

The real gadget of the second season of The Boys was the new Tempesta. The inclusion of the new character has shifted much of the narrative to the series. Tempesta is a heroine who interacts very well on social networks and inflames her audience a lot. Throughout, we found out that she was in fact a powerful immortal who does not get old and that her history dates back to WWII, where she was a supporter of the Nazi Party in Germany and was the wife of the creator of the Vought company. His twisted ideology went like a glove with narcissists without any morals, see Captain Homeland. Without missing a single pin, the writers ride the wave of the comic book creator making a pun on the heroine’s name. Stormfront (the character’s English name) is also the name of an infamous Internet hate network, a site aimed at an audience of white neo-Nazi supremacists. Everything to do with the character.

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