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The biggest film fiascos that will turn 20 in 2021



When we think of films that failed, we usually tend to remember films that did not match our own tastes. However, this often does not mean that a production was unsuccessful. On the other hand, it really hurts when you discover that the films that you love so much, even more when you look back, are real criticism or audience fiascos. In our series of articles on cinema’s greatest failures, however, we always focus on presenting the facts, using data that indicates the cost of certain productions and their financial profitability at the box office – which often does not. not fit, well below your budget. ., thus creating great headaches and losses for major studios, directors, producers and stars in general. Despite this, we must also say that nothing prevents us from loving these productions. After all, many films and franchises have survived thanks to the affection and cult of fans, even though they have spent many years. Without further ado, let’s see some of the biggest movie failures that turn 20 in 2021. See below.

Glitter – The glow of a star

Still in the cinema, music stars take risks as actors directing or assisting productions on the big screen. Names like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Whitney Houston and more recently Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have left their impressions in several films of varying success. But perhaps none were as dire as this Glitter – which was designed to turn singer Mariah Carey into a movie star. The result, however, was not quite that. In the film, Carey plays an aspiring pop muse. Even today, Glitter is considered one of the 25 worst films of all time by the general public. And even the merger of Sony and Fox Studios could not avoid the financial fiasco. With a budget of $ 22 million, the film only grossed $ 5 million worldwide.

Josie the kittens

Created in comics in the 1960s and then immortalized in the form of an animation produced by Hanna-Barbera in the following decade, Josie and the Kittens spoke of an empowered group, formed by three young people: Josie, Valerie and Melody . In this first live action version, the trajectory of the songs takes on a very 2000 tune and the protagonists are personified in the forms of Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson and Tara Reid – of the only three Dawson has managed to solidify his career and parent. the disappearance of the other two in part is due to the result of what should be a great success for all. Produced by Universal in partnership with MGM, Josie e as Gatinhas had a budget of $ 39 million, but only fetched $ 14 million worldwide, guaranteeing failure instead.

High speed

Let’s be clear, here at CinePOP we’re idolizing action master Sylvester Stallone. But even the older ones have their dark days. In the same year as the first Fast and the Furious, which would live to become one of the most successful franchises in cinema today, Stallone ventured into a motor racing movie as well, only here all formalized in the Formula 1 sport. In fact, it was the attempt of Stallone, who also wrote and produced the film for Warner, to get hold of another sports franchise, this one for the racing world. To help him with the task, the actor enlisted Renny Harlin in the direction, who had commanded him in the hit “Clone de Duro de Matar”, Total Risk (1993). High Speed’s result, however, was not good. And with a budget of $ 94 million, the film only grossed $ 54 million worldwide, ensuring the star’s “slow march”. Nothing that wouldn’t tarnish his career, however.

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Ghosts of Mars

Speaking of true masters in their art, twenty years ago cinema saw the launch of a new product from the mind of John Carpenter, the filmmaker responsible for true immortal movie classics, see Halloween, Escape from New York, The Enigma of Another World and The Adventurers of the Forbidden Quarter. Returning to the world of science fiction, terror and fantasy, Carpenter tells the futuristic story where the planet Mars was populated. However, the ancestral creatures that lived there are not at all happy with colonization – reflecting a parallel with Indigenous peoples and Westerners. Ghosts of Mars went blank with fans and on a $ 28 million budget for Sony / Columbia, saw a return of just $ 14 million worldwide.

Jimmy bubble

It is true that everyone has to start from somewhere. However, there are jobs that we just want to forget. Maybe that’s how the prestigious Jake Gyllenhaal thinks about this silly comedy today, which was one of his first leading movie roles – and to think that the same year he would release Donnie Darko, a favorite cult of many. Here, Gyllenhaal is a boy who … well, lives in a bubble due to a rare health problem, who decides to cross the country (inside his bubble) to prevent the marriage of the woman he love. Producing Disney (yes, that is) through Buena Vista and Touchstone Pictures, the film cost $ 13 million, but only felt $ 5 million at the global box office. Do you remember that flop?

Rich, beautiful and unfaithful

Warren Beatty is a world treasure of the seventh art. The star has timeless works like Bonnie and Clyde – A Blast of Bullets, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, Dick Tracy and Bugsy on her resume. After a slight brake on his career in the 1980s and 1990s – where he appeared in two and four films respectively – Beatty entered the 2000s with this resounding failure at hand. The fault here is not only his, since despite the starring, the feature has a real blush on the screens, from names like Diane Keaton, Andie MacDowell and Goldie Hawn, for example. But perhaps Beatty was the one who felt the blow the most, as he retired shortly after the film’s release, coming out of isolation just once to release Rules Not Applicable (2016), who also became a virgin. Rich, Beautiful and Infidels presents Beatty as a successful man, married to Diane Keaton, struggling with his friend’s infidelity and his own temptations. The movie New Line (Warner) cost $ 90 million, but saw a paltry $ 10 million in return, securing one of the biggest failures of the 2000s in cinema.

The glass house

Many wonder where are some actors who have just disappeared. Well, in most cases, all you need to do is study your career a little more often to make some poor project choices, which ultimately ends your chances of getting famous with the studios. After all, the Hollywood system likes to work with actors who are able to attract audiences. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, one of the promising names was that of Polish-born young woman Leelee Sobieski. You might remember the girl from movies like Deep Impact, Never Been Kissed, Eyes Wide Shut, Her Love My Fate, and Pursuit. The latter was launched the same year as A Casa de Vidro. Here she lived a young orphan who, along with her younger brother, is welcomed into the house of her new guardians after her parents die in a car accident. On the spot, the Malibu Glass House, begins to notice that its caretakers have very dark patterns. Funded by Sony for $ 30 million, The Glass House only made $ 23 million at the global box office, ending Leelee’s chances of becoming a star.

Rock star

Inspired by the true story of Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, frontman of a cover band called to join the real band he was paying homage to, the famous Judas Priest, as the new lead singer. The protagonist here is Mark Wahlberg, still early in his career, with less than a decade as an actor at the time. Even the presence of the muse Jennifer Aniston in one of her first serious roles in the cinema, living spicy moments as the rocker’s girlfriend, was not enough to arouse interest in this real mezzo musical story. Warner’s rock n roll flick cost the studio $ 54 million, but fetched just $ 19 million worldwide, totally out of tune at the box office.

15 minutes

The great Robert De Niro marked his career with roles beyond the intense, and here he was back to bet on precisely that, playing a tough cop looking for two Russian psychopaths playing in New York City. However, one of the feature’s many issues is cheating with the star, as De Niro leaves the stage at the earliest opportunity, showing that the real protagonist here is Edward Burns, who has attempted to establish his name at the top of the film. Hollywood. chain. Trying to differentiate themselves a bit from other cop buddy movies, the filmmakers have brought together a detective and a firefighter here. In addition, he took a turn on the trend that was still in its infancy at the time, “15 minutes of glory in a world where everyone films and values ​​themselves”. Smartphones weren’t a reality yet, so psychopaths had to use portable cameras anyway. Produced by New Line (Warner), 15 Minutes cost $ 60 million, and nearly paid off with $ 56 million at the box office, but it wasn’t enough, guaranteeing the fiasco.

3000 miles to hell

Continuing in the line of renowned stars of action and thriller movies, here we had the union of Kevin Costner and Kurt Russell at the helm of the renowned cast – who still kept names like Friend Courteney Cox and ex-husband David Arquette (with whom he had already shot three films in the Panic horror franchise). To make things even more bizarre, Costner, Russell, and their friends plan a major assault on Las Vegas, taking advantage of a reunion of Elvis impersonators. Yes, they will commit character crime, all disguised as a king. Distributed by Warner, the action thriller cost $ 62 million but only made $ 18 million worldwide, proving itself unworthy of the King of Rock’s legacy.

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