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The best LGBTQ + movies of 2020



2020 has been a year like no other – and has proven the power of film and television to entertain us in the face of the need for social retirement and preservation of health. And, perhaps like never before, LGBTQ + representation has been carried across the most diverse stories on screens and has proven that the queer community still has a lot to tell us.

To this end, we have separated a list of the best films of the genre of the year, taking into account that the works were released in Brazil. Check out our picks below and tell us which one was your favorite:

Director: Joe Mantello

Based on the groundbreaking namesake play by Mart Crowley, “ The Boys in the Band ” was an interesting surprise from the Netflix catalog and brought cutting-edge stars in a poignant and dramatic tale with touches of sour humor. Produced by prolific Ryan Murphy, the story centers on a group of eight gay men who meet for an anniversary in lush New York City in 1968 – that is, until an unexpected visitor bring back ghosts from the past to haunt them.

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Director: George C. Woolfe

Black, fat and bisexual. Ma Rainey, the mother of the blues, is one of the most important figures in musical history – and earned her honor this year with the adaptation of August Wilson’s play, ‘The Supreme Voice of the Blues ”, for Netflix. Directed by George C. Woolfe, the film presents the singer and songwriter as a fiery personality who doesn’t bow to white men and doesn’t hesitate to show off her romantic passions and interests.


Director: Clea DuVall

The big surprise of the year certainly came with “Somebody Warns?” A Christmas romantic comedy that rediscovered the fun of year-end movies with a passionate narrative. Here, Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis overflow the screen with engaging chemistry, playing a couple who go through romantic and identity issues over the Christmas holidays.


Director: David France

Directed by Oscar nominee David France, the powerful HBO documentary revolves around a group of activists who risk their lives to face anti-LGBTQ + persecution from an oppressive Russian republic called Chechnya. The production is one of the most baffling of the year and certainly deserves the attention of audiences who believe in victimizing the queer community.

Director: Céline Sciamma

“Portrait of a Young Woman on Fire” is another masterpiece from director Célina Sciamma and, although it aired on the international circuit last year, it arrived in Brazil in January 2020. L he plot centers on Marianne, a young painter in 18th century France, with the mission of painting a portrait of Heloise for her wedding, without her knowing it. Spending her days looking at Héloïse and her nights painting, Marianne finds herself more and more in love with her model.


Director: Sam Feder

The necessary Netflix documentary offers a unique perspective on the portrayal of the transgender community in media, which is often belittled or stereotyped. The feature film features prominent names from the activist scene, including Laverne Cox, Candys Cane, MJ Rodriguez, Lily Wachowski, Chaz Bono, and more, to explain how Hollywood shapes the mainstream perception about them.

You do not imagine

Director: Alice Wu

A movie that had everything to be another forgettable Netflix slogan has turned into a big and representative teenage tour de force. The plot leads Ellie, a shy and intelligent young woman who helps Paul, a lovable athlete, win the heart of a popular girl. However, the unlikely friendship between the two is called into question when Ellie finds out that she is in love with the same girl.

Director: Gina Prince-Bythewood

Gina Prince-Bythewood did a great job adapting the famous and acclaimed comic book ‘The Old Guard’ and didn’t fail to impress the LGBTQ + portrayal with the couple formed by Joe and Nicky, two immortal warriors who fell in love once. Here, the gay stereotype is tossed in the trash, giving rise to the insurrection of two strong, complex and lovable characters.


Director: Steven Hunter

Pixar’s acclaimed short also made history as the first production with a gay protagonist at the studio. Directed and written by Steven Hunter, the plot centers around a young man who has yet to speak to his parents and magically changed his mind with his dog. Remember that the film is available in the Disney + catalog.

Director: Alan Ball

Set in the mid-1970s, “ Uncle Frank ” revolves around a teenage girl named Beth Bledsoe, who leaves her hometown in the southern United States to study at New York University, where her uncle Frank is. a revered professor of literature. She soon finds out that Frank is gay and lives with his longtime partner, hiding the fact for years. After the sudden death of his father, Frank is reluctantly forced to return home from his childhood for the funeral and ultimately deal with a trauma he has spent his entire adult life fleeing from.

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