The best and cheapest tomato sauce on the market: here’s which one



There are several foods considered essential for any self-respecting Italian. One of them is tomato sauce. But what is the reason for this great popularity? Let’s find out together and try to understand why it is found in the pantries of all Italians and beyond. First of all you have to know what it is, the sauce is a preserve prepared with tomatoes (preferably fresh) which are subjected to a transformation process, that is, they are sieved and deprived of much of the water content.

It is not only an indispensable food, but also fully fits into the list of “goods”, that is, the list of all products that do not have special differences on the market, for example with regard to the brand or the snack itself. This does not mean, however, that all tomato sauces are the same. And how to understand then which is better, so as not to be mistaken and be sure to always bring to the table a real sauce prepared with flakes, as well as excellent meatballs in sauce? The quality factor of tomato sauce is absolutely fundamental.

A traditionally produced tomato sauce is certainly an indication of true authenticity. What is the difference between an artisanal sauce and an industrial sauce? Before answering this question, it is necessary to analyze the sauce from another point of view, that is, we must take care to understand it as that product obtained from fresh tomatoes, which must preserve intact all the organoleptic characteristics of the vegetable. How is an artisanal sauce made?

To explain it to us, Marco, one of our great craftsman friends, made himself available to talk about everything related to his work, which begins with culture. It begins by exposing the various problems present in Sicily, one of which is the lack of water (especially in summer). In fact, a very minimal amount is used to keep the plant alive and for this reason it is not possible to have large productions. Despite this, the tomato obtained has an almost withered appearance, and is also very concentrated, perfect for the preparation of a very sweet sauce.

In addition, by making the sauce in an artisanal way, it is denser than the others and it is obvious that the organic is much better than the industrial one, since no chemical treatment has been done at least 3 years previously. And, by not doing a lot of irrigation, you don’t create that humid, warm climate that promotes the growth of bacteria and disease.

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