‘The Batman 2’: Main inspiration for long-awaited sequel revealed



Even though the release of ‘The Batman 2’ is still a long way off, new story details for the anticipated sequel have already been revealed. Even before it took off, it was planned to be the first feature film in a new Batman trilogy in theaters, via DC Legacy.

While we don’t know in detail what will happen next, rumors about the story have already started to emerge.

A few weeks ago, journalist Daniel Richtman published an interesting rumor about the story of “The Batman 2”. According to Ritchman, the plot should be based on the “No Man’s Land” arc, a Bat-Family crossover event released in 1999. Insider MyTimeToShineHello also confirmed the information.

In the plot of “No Man’s Land”, Gotham City is no longer part of the United States. This is after several disasters that hit the city in Cataclysm and Contagion. Gotham becomes a lawless wasteland divided into territories held by the most powerful figures.

Gotham was literally isolated and managed to sink even lower, and part of that happens in the climax of “The Batman.” It should be noted that Christopher Nolan borrowed elements from this story to end his trilogy with ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Rises’.

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Recalling that ‘Batman 2’ has already been confirmed, but is in the early stages of production. We know the script is being developed by Matt Reeves and Mattson Tomlin.

In the meantime, it’s worth remembering that “Batman” is now available on HBO Max.

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