the 5 trendiest costume ideas of 2022



What to wear on Halloween? What are the hottest suits of 2022? Here are the top 5 you need to know for a glamorous October 31st with a touch of horror.

Back to that time of year when you can have fun without curbing your imagination. In particular, those who have a weakness for all supernatural creatures and don’t mind a few cobwebs here and there, will not be in the skin at the idea of ​​celebrating Halloween. Of course, in Italy it’s not exactly a party, but it’s a tradition that over the years has conquered even the most skeptical (or almost). And who said you had to fly to America to celebrate Halloween?

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All you need is a party and a themed costume to show off. But which costume to choose? This year, there are five trends to stick to if you want to be glam even on Halloween. And they are also interesting ideas for those who do not know what to wear. Here’s how to dress for the spookiest night of the year.

Halloween, how to choose costumes: the trends of 2022

Interested in offering an ultra-popular Halloween costume? Just take a look at Google Trend to understand who, before you, had a memory lapse or panicked looking for a comparison in web searches. So what to wear to be hideously glamorous this October 31st? The real gem, indeed, is that when it comes to costume parties in general, you can never go wrong because the art of disguise is open to everyone, even those who think they have little imagination.

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But those who adore pop culture and are ready to follow the wake of trends on Google will be delighted to discover the top 5 most popular Halloween costumes on the web. In fifth place, we find for example Venom, a character embodied masterfully by Tom Hardy whose total black look and devilish face make the choice very easy. A little less maybe to realize it, but you can opt for the full costume or just the face mask. Or, for makeup experts, achieve perfect makeup.


In fourth place, by the way, is also followed by Carnage, who appeared in the second Venom movie released in 2021 with Sony Pictures. The basic idea does not change: just like Venom you can play with a one-piece swimsuit, a face mask and make-up (only the red base changes). In third place comes an all-around pop icon who, in recent months, has utterly enchanted the tabloids with the guardianship story. How about we all dress up as Britney Spears this Halloween? Well yes: it seems to be one of the most popular trends of this year. Hint: You can remodel the red costume from Oops…I Did It Again into a horror color.

Britney Spears / Calamari Game

In second position, we find a creature that actually lends itself well to these holidays: the gorilla costume is very popular with Google users. And who is in the first place? It could only be him, again. Squid Game, Netflix’s squid game, continues to steal the show a year after its release.

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