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The 21 most anticipated films of 2021



Editor-in-chief Renato Marafon, in partnership with journalist Pablo Bazarello, presents a video with the 21 most anticipated films of 2021.


Tell us in the comments which movie you think is the most anticipated!

21. Halloween Kills – The Terror Continues

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The biggest hit in the horror franchise after the 1978 original, Halloween (2018) is planned as a trilogy. And the second will come this year. After escaping from the burning house at the end of the film, maniac Michael Myers continues to hunt his favorite victim, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), now part of a triad of women, alongside his daughter. and his granddaughter. Universal promises for October 14, just in time for Halloween.

20. Resident Evil

After six films in the blockbuster franchise starring Milla Jovovich, Sony is rebooting with a new film promising more gaming loyalty. The cast includes Kaya Scodelario and Hannah John-Kamen. The film opens in September.

19. Spiral – The Legacy of the Deadly Games

Speaking of rebooting the franchise, Horror Games are also planning a fresh start. Here, the protagonism of two talented actors, Chris Rock – who plays the main role and is more used to comedies – and Samuel L. Jackson, draws attention. Paris Filmes brings it to Brazil on May 20.

18. Smart

New terror of filmmaker James Wan, this time the director invests in a plot without supernatural elements. Presented as a tribute to Giallo’s films, the feature film will present an investigation into murders. The stars of Annabelle Wallis. The film does not yet have a release date.

17. Old

Speaking of masters of modern horror, returning to the genre this year is also director M. Night Shyamalan. It is clear that the plot will be kept a secret, but we do know that the film will be split in two, and is described as “quirky and dark” thriller. In the cast, a trio of talented young people: Thomasin Mckenzie (Jojo Rabbit), Eliza Scanlen (Lovely Women) and Abbey Lee (Mad Max – Fury Road). The premiere is July 22.

16. Fast and Furious 9

The Fast and the Furious franchise stopped making sense a long time ago, but what we really want to see are the insane action scenes involving cars and the threat that the Don (Vin Diesel) family will face this coming. times. Here, they take a brother out of the hat for the protagonist, played by John Cena, who, you guessed it, will be the antagonist. The premiere takes place on May 27.

15. Babylon

This one is signed by Damien Chazelle, director of La La Land (2016), and brings together the stars Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) for a new story of the past in Hollywood. We can already feel Oscar – in this case for 2022. The premiere only takes place on December 25 in the USA.

14. Ghostbusters – Beyond

Do you know of any of those beloved 1980s movies? Well, few are as adored by fans as The Ghostbusters (1984). After a continuation in 1989, the public demanded more, but a third part would never come. In 2016, a reboot was attempted, in a movie starring four women. But the result was not very encouraging. This year, we’ll finally win the long-awaited official part three of the franchise – which will bring back all of the original characters, passing the torch to a new team. And who runs it is the talented Jason Reitman, son of the original creator. I couldn’t be home anymore. The premiere takes place on June 10.

13. Godzilla c. Kong

In the movies, we already had Freddy vs. Jason; Alien vs. Predator; Stallone v. Schwarzenegger; and even Batman vs. Superman. Now is the time for the biggest monsters of the seventh art to fight on the big screen. And that’s a literal statement, since Godzilla and King Kong are the biggest monsters of stature in cinema. The premiere takes place on May 20.

12. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

In 2020, we didn’t have a Marvel movie in theaters, but this year they’ll make up for that by releasing four soon. Perhaps the biggest unknown is this breakthrough in the world of Asian martial arts, whose biggest promise is to bring the true version of Mandarin, one of the biggest villains in the house. The first is promised for July 9.

11. Top Gun – Maverick

No less than 35 years later and we’ve received a sequel to the acclaimed 1980s blockbuster. Did you need a sequel? Not really. Shall we run to watch? Certainly. Tom Cruise is back as the Maverick pilot, and that’s all that matters. The premiere takes place on July 8.

10. Dune

We really hope to be able to see the full scope of this work, which has been carefully thought out and worked on by the talented Denis Villeneuve on the big screen. Some movies call for cinema, and this is one of them. Reimagining the classic space saga of literature, which had already hit theaters in 1984, Duna is an entertainment film in its most authoritative and creative form. The curiosity is how the intricate plot was worked out by the filmmaker, who is one of the best working in the world. The casting is a separate show. The premiere takes place on September 30.

9. A Quiet Place – Part II

Continuing on from the surprise mega-hit of 2018, this sequence continues to introduce us to reality devastated by monstrous creatures guided by sound. Emily Blunt is back at the helm of the cast and her husband John Krasinski at the helm. Our lucky editor Renato Marafon has already verified the functionality, which is our mouth watering. The premiere takes place on April 22.

8. Black widow

After all the obstacles, we will finally be able to discover the solo film of the red-haired heroine played by the muse Scarlett Johansson. After fans asked a lot, Marvel responded. The film is ready, just waiting to be shown to the passionate audience. Here, we’ll learn a bit more about the mysterious spy’s past. The premiere is April 29.

7. 007 – No time to die

We love Ethan Hunt and Mission: Impossible, but if there’s one secret agent we’re even more passionate about, he’s 007 – the greatest in cinema. Excuse me (for killing) everyone, but the Queen’s Spy is now reaching his 25th official feature in the franchise, still in the form of Daniel Craig – for his most representative foray, with the right to a woman. black 007. And we approve of the novelty. Other than that, here’s what’s possibly the best cast in a movie in the franchise. Check it out: Ralph Fiennes, Ana de Armas, Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek, Ben Whishaw, Christoph Waltz, Naomi Harris, Billy Magnussen, Jeffrey Wright, in addition to the aforementioned Lashana Lynch and Daniel Craig. The premiere is April 1. And this is not a joke.

6. The Suicide Squad

Only James Gunn to make us believe in the franchise again, after the disastrous original film of 2016. Gunn is a kind of Midas of the genre (or almost), having delivered the beloved films of the Guardians of the Galaxy to Marvel. The director promises the same for this group of DC villains. Will we finally have a movie to match Margot Robbie’s Harlequin? The film arrives August 5.

5. Invocation of Evil 3 – The Order of Demons

We love the Invocation of Evil franchise. But here, in this third episode, the director is Michael Chaves, the guy who “committed” The Curse of the Crying (2019), which scares us a little. Either way, we always hope for the best, and we’re ready to love this one too. So we hope. The premiere takes place on June 3.

4. The Eternals

Angelina Jolie at Marvel, “damn yeah!”. We really want to see Black Widow, but we admit that this project is holding us back more. The latest studio films have already shown that the home space universe works very well – and now we want to be introduced to this new group of very unique characters. The premiere takes place on October 28.

3. Mission: Impossible 7

Top Gun won’t be the only successful franchise to be relaunched by Tom Cruise in 2021. At the end of the year, it’s Mission: Impossible, which reaches its seventh film, can you believe it? Dedicated to behind the scenes of the superstar and everything, Agent Ethan Hunt’s new mission is set to premiere on November 18.

2. Matrix 4

A phenomenon of the late 1990s, Matrix was one of those fevers that took a long time to pass. It generated two suites, both launched in 2003, and a host of related products. In the age of recycling, however late, the Matrix is ​​also entering the dance, relaunching Neo and his friends for a fourth adventure, nearly twenty years after its last appearance on the big screen. Of course, Keanu Reeves leads the game. The premiere is December 23.

1. Spider-Man 3

We’ll have a busy December, when some of the biggest launches of the year meet and compete at the box office. And here we finally reach our number one spot in the most anticipated movies of 2021. Let the drums spin. To make up for a 2020 without its on-screen products, Marvel is preparing a surprise in the third solo film of its greatest hero: Spider-Man. What is shown by the cast makes us more than excited. Apparently we will have the meeting of the Sam Raimi trilogy, the two films of Andrew Garfield, with the new ones of Tom Holland. That’s what the fans want. We just need to see the character’s three performers scrolling across the screen together. Did you imagine the scene? And what heart can handle? The premiere is December 16.

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