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The 21 best songs of 2021



Just as 2021 has turned out to be a great year for the movies, it has also proven to be quite prolific in terms of the music scene – and it has regaled fans with wonderful songs and long-awaited returns.

After browsing through the top albums, it’s time to sort out the top 25 songs of the year which, while they haven’t topped the playlists, certainly haven’t stopped appearing on our list – since the applauded comeback. from Adele and The Pretty Reckless to Halsey’s magnum opus and Liniker’s solo debut.

Check out our picks below and tell us what your favorite song was:

In ‘Blue Banisters’, Lana Del Rey bursts into cinematic and deeply dramatic terrain – and the maximum representation of this medium comes with ‘Arcadia’, whose sentimental load spills over into enviable theatricality and, in what she proposes to do, not even the least touch shamelessness; marked by lines like ‘my body is a map of Los Angeles’ and ‘I can’t sleep at home tonight send me to the Hilton hotel’, Del Rey continues to savor his own metaphors through elegance timeless that crosses the generations.

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Before getting involved in the sound engineering of several Halloween works, John Congleton had previously led the group Paper Chase and was involved in alternative rock forays. In 2021, he returns with a superb country-rock collaboration with Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, “Like I Used To”, whose dramatic melodies reflect the skill and chemistry shared by the two singers.

Adopted with appreciable respect for the legacy of Cole Porter, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s version of “It’s De-Lovely” is marked by the impact of voices so different from each other that, against all odds. , they complement each other in a delicious sensory explosion. . It is remarkable how the duo demonstrate that they are having fun, breaking through the plastered barriers of music and talking to each other amid the neologisms “delicious, delicious, delusional, delusional” and the nostalgic sound of trumpet and bass.

Alok is one of the most important names not only in Brazilian music, but also in electronics all over the world – and during this prolific year he has released numerous songs, including the very stimulating “Kids on Whizz “in February 2021. Electro-dark, which features the collaboration of the group Everyone You Know, revolves around a story centered on the dance floors and a complicated relationship that brings elements of electro-dance and house.

17. “MIRROR”, Sigrid

One of the most catchy songs of 2021 is Sigrid’s “Mirror”. The Norwegian artist made her 2017 debut with the EP ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ and, four years later, she shifted away from mainstream pop to house and nu-disco on the aforementioned piece. The solid, dancing atmosphere is filled with lines of empowerment and freedom, as seen in “I love who I see looking at myself in the mirror”.

Shortly after making a splash with ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ Jessie Ware decided to revisit one of the best albums of her career with a long version and, with that, release a few more tracks for the fans. And that’s when “Please” was born, a vibrant infusion of nu-disco, EDM and hi-NRG that was quick to make itself heard and to be exalted for its writing. frank.

“Oxytocin”, by far the most surprising entry in the incredible “Happier Than Ever”, is a cryptic and narcotic journey meticulously crafted by Billie Eilish, mimicking and synthesizing trance into something unique and rarely found in the world. mainstream scene today. The evocative title hides nothing behind the poignant verses which denote a belated control of women’s freedom and that they do not hesitate to “pinch” a reprehensible traditionalism.

Owner of the best album of the year, ‘Daddy’s Home’, St. Vincent has once again proven herself to be one of the music industry’s most amazing and underrated artists. In the work, the singer-songwriter demonstrates an affection for discomfort, painstakingly translated into the pop-funk minimalism of “Down,” which saves elements even of Seal’s new wave (prominent in the 1990s ). In this piece, the sensual surrender is only a device masked by the singer’s true intentions: a personal vendetta against those who have harmed her.

13. “KISS ME MORE”, Doja Cat, SZA

Doja Cat has proven to be a complete powerhouse with her debut in the music business as well as her appearance on the soundtrack of “Birds of Prey” – and now, with the release of the album “Planet Her”, she showed that she was not afraid of herself. The lead single “Kiss Me More” sums up all the aesthetic promoted by the artist and, performing alongside SZA, generated a nostalgic, original song guided by the best elements of R&B, pop and dance-pop ( in addition to paying homage to the legendary Olivia Newton-John).

12. “LApid at the nail salon,” Lord

Despite good intentions, ‘Solar Power’, the third album by New Zealand artist Lorde, fell short of expectations – but that doesn’t mean the production didn’t generate some very good tracks. well built. Picking up on her appreciation for synesthesia, “Stoned at the Nail Salon”, released as the album’s second promotional track, established itself as an incredible and emotional ballad, even drawing references from her colleague Lana Del Rey.

The ’80s triptych journey of “Witches Burn”, one of the highlights of the album “Death By Rock and Roll”, is guided by the voice of Taylor Momsen and the restriction of guitar and bass in the background atmospheric. In the plot, the singer plays an unscrupulous woman who will not be belittled by others and who has cataclysmic destructive power – reflected in a full, well-structured vocal range.

10. “LE PHARE”, Birdy

Birdy’s mistake on the recent album ‘Young Heart’ was to get carried away by the great melancholy of the songs, which made it relatively repetitive. But that’s not to say the artist couldn’t deliver some of the best tracks of 2021, as it did with “Lighthouse,” a memorable country and bluegrass overhaul for the violins’ fantastic presence.

Taking advantage of the reggaeton hype that topped the charts around the world, Karol G and Ozuna released the romantic epic “Odisea” – which generated unnecessary controversy from people who did not understand the metaphor used. Either way, the sultry scope invites us onto the dance floor, celebrating the alchemy between the two singers and Colombian culture itself.

8. “WE DON’T TALK ABOUT BRUNO”, Various artists

“Encanto,” the new animation from Walt Disney Studios, became one of the studio’s most dynamic and stunning productions – and the musical came with a soundtrack that was simply indescribable. Contemporary, engaging and dancing, one of the best structured tracks is “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, which introduces cumbia to Casa Mouse and merges it with Latin pop forays – increasing the necessary representation that is so important. Nowadays.


MARINA released one of the best albums this year and soon after announced that they were making a deluxe release that got everyone excited. As if that wasn’t enough, he also released one of the additional tracks, titled “Happy Loner”. Released on streaming platforms in early December, the beautiful and subtle song is an amalgamation of his previous works, notably “Electra Heart”, while investing the greatest caution in an emotional piano and verses that border on thematic universality.


In ‘Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land’, MARINA makes a glorious return to the exceptional styles that placed it in the center of the spotlight and, despite the messages of the first songs, finds its way back with the simple ballad “Highly Emotional People”, an ode to Del Rey-inspired melancholy and a stylish way to explore the X factor that makes us human.

5. “Have mercy”, Chlöe

After releasing one of the best albums of last year alongside her sister, Chlöe Bailey adopted a unique name and took inspiration from the legendary Beyoncé to release her first solo single, “Have Mercy”. The vibrant infusion of hip hop, R&B and trip-hop, touched upon by a few brief forays into club-pop, plunges into a sex appeal narrative that reflects a more alluring and inexcusable side of the singer – something that has automatically conquered his fans and placed him at a deserved level that will reap countless rewards.


At the opening of her latest album, ’30’, the iconic Adele presents “Strangers By Nature”, which marks an unexpected collaboration with Oscar winner Ludwig Göransson (‘Rocky’, ‘Black Panther’) who demonstrates a passion for the theater . The verse “I’ve never seen the sky this color before” and the shocking presence of multiple layers and synths pay homage to Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand in a musical ode that screams in its own silence.

3. “BABY 95”, Linker

Liniker, one of the most important names in the Brazilian music scene, wouldn’t leave his fans empty-handed and, a few weeks ago, he released the delicate ballad “Baby 95”. Extending its ramifications to the sound simplicity of the 80s, marked by the piano and the echoes of the drums, the artist evokes the amorous bond between two beings and even lets himself be carried away by bossa-nova forays.

2. “THE TRADITION”, Halsey

In 2021, Halsey delivered what can only be considered the best album of his career, “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”. Analyzing the dichotomies of society, the “joys and horrors of pregnancy and motherhood”, “the separation between the Virgin and the Whore”, came the incredible and flawless piece “The Tradition”, which opens this conceptual journey and whose poignant tale is accompanied by a sharp and epic chorus, guided by the motto “Ask for forgiveness, never permission” – a debut worthy of a splendid record.

Two years after the incredible “FEVER DREAM”, Icelandic rock band Of Monsters and Men started working on the next compilation of originals – but it wasn’t until the release of their second official single that the band started working on it. Was really excited about what was to come. .. come.

In “Destroyer”, a song released without much promotional support and accompanied only by a well-articulated lyrical video, singers Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and Ragnar Þórhallsson follow a very symbolic journey, filled with elements that resonate with previous productions, but which play headlong into chamber rock and the explosive progression of a tale about not being afraid to face your fears no matter how many falls.

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