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The 15 most anticipated TERROR FILMS of 2021



For many, 2020 was the greatest horror “movie” in history. And we really hope that in 2021 we can defeat this villainous Covid. When it comes to fiction, however, the past year has given us at least one big hit in the genre: the great The Invisible Man. However, as you might expect, 2020 has also seen its fair share of terror flops – see The Orphans, The Scream, Mary and John, Deep Threat, The New Mutants (considered the first to merge terror and the superhero) and the grotesque La Possession de Marie.

Apart from that, there are some films not yet released here that have received praise from the foreign press, like the Cult Possessor, Run (starring Sarah Paulson) and the terrifying Freaky – In the Body of an Assassin. Not to mention the productions launched directly on Netflix, such as the famous The Left Behind and The Connection. If the audiovisual colossus was a powerhouse before, now with the closure of global cinemas for nearly a year, the world’s number 1 streaming platform has gained more strength than one can imagine.

Either way, without further ado – whether on streaming platforms, or in theaters after the vaccine, these are the most anticipated horror movies of 2021.

15 | Shadow in the cloud

We started the list with a film that is still little known, but which is growing in popularity. Screened at the 2020 Toronto Film Festival (where it debuted), the feature hit the internet on the first day of this year in the United States. Written by the madman Max Landis, the film mixes action, war and terror and features the young Chlöe Grace Moretz as a soldier on a plane during World War II. As if that wasn’t enough, in the midst of the conflict, bizarre creatures begin to appear on the plane. Due to the content of the feature film, we believe that there will be no theatrical release in our country.

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14 | Ghostland prisoners

At this point in his career, it’s hard to take once-talented star Nicolas Cage seriously. The truth is, the actor has made more “any quality” movies than anything else. However, here we have the talented Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono in charge, who creates film festivals. No coincidence, Ghostland will debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. And he has the beautiful and talented Sofia Boutella who gives credibility to the production. In the plot, a longtime criminal must play the good side for a change and prevent a curse from happening, all while trying to save a missing young woman.

13 | Escape room 2

While the sequel to The Orphan (which will actually be a pre-sequel) isn’t coming out, we’re sticking with girl (or would be young) Isabelle Fuhrman in another horror franchise. This time around it’s stepping up Escape Room 2, a continuation of Sony’s 2019 hit on the famous trap rooms – which are pretty deadly. The plot is still being kept a secret, along with the date of the premiere.

12 | The green knight

This medieval terror is the reimagining of the classic story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Nephew of King Arthur and Knight of the Round Table, Sir Gawain (Dev Patel) is challenged to a deadly game by the mysterious Green Knight of the title. Many attractions make it one of the most anticipated features of the year. In the cast, we still have Oscar winner Joel Edgerton and Alicia Vikander. Directed by David Lowery (from the masterpiece Sombras da Vida) and one of today’s most creative filmmakers. The premiere takes place on July 30.

11 | Dark spirits

Another great manager makes the list. It is the first horror film by the prestigious Scott Cooper, whose program includes visceral works such as Crazy Heart, Everything for Justice and Alliance of Crime. It was one of the films carried over from last year to 2021 and has yet to set a new date. In the plot, a teacher and her police brother (Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons) begin to suspect that one of the boys in her class is involved as a supernatural creature, the fruit of a famous local legend.

10 | Army of the dead

After failing to bear fruit in his partnership with DC in cinema, director Zack Snyder is returning to his roots for a new horror film about zombies. Here, in the midst of an undead pandemic, a group of mercenaries are preparing a daring heist in Las Vegas. The movie will be released on Netflix, and the one running the cast is big guy Dave Bautista.

09 | Halloween kills – Terror continues

The maniac Michael Myers is not afraid of anything, he survives everything and has already proven to be tough throughout his eleven films released. But something scared the psychopath, or at least the producers of his latest feature: the year 2020. Halloween Kills was another that delayed his debut and jumped this year. In the movie we will see another murder of Michael and how he managed to get out of the burning house. One of the coolest things about this new movie is the addition of the characters Tommy and Lindsey, the kids Laurie keeps in the first (1978) now grown up and ready to take on the villain. The first is promised for October, of course.

08 | Night spent in Soho

In particular, it’s the horror movie that excites me the most for 2021. Edgar Wright is one of my favorite directors. But I understand that because it’s not a franchise or has a theme, say, very acceptable to the general public, not everyone will agree. Here, the director of the so-called “Cornetto trilogy” is betting on a feature film that has no seemingly comedic elements, and brings new Hollywood darling Anya Taylor-Joy to the spotlight. She saw a young woman who dates back to the 1960s and is lucky enough to meet her fashion idol. However, it is clear that this time vortex will cause a bad omen. The first is in April.

07 | The legend of Candyman

And if Last Night in Soho comes first for this one, the Candyman franchise reboot is right behind. And why, you ask? Simple, dear reader. Here we have a script and a production of the new ‘social terror’ midas with a lot of content, the very prestigious Jordan Peele – who has done us wonders like Run! and U.S. In the direction, Nia DaCosta, who will command the second Captain Marvel. Other than that, this is seen as a spiritual continuation / re-imagining of the 1990s movies, and will even have the participation of veteran Tony Todd, who plays that scarecrow. Candyman reappears in August.

06 | resident Evil

Now a franchise you love is on the list. As many complain about what has been done with Resident Evil in theaters so far, there is no question that the series has its many fans. The six films released clearly show this. Now it’s Sony’s turn to invest in something more faithful to the games and respond to the complaint from the other part of the audience. Therefore, the new film will be more about terror and not so much about unruly action. Kaya Scodelario is the one who directs the cast as Claire Redfield. The living dead are hiding again in September.

05 | Spiral – The Legacy of Deadly Games

Did you think the Mortal Games franchise was saturated after eight films? Think again. Trying to bring freshness to this new story, the participation of two talented actors – who also add representativeness to the franchise: Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. If it’s not a gimmick … The curious thing is to see Rock as the protagonist here, as a detective investigating a bizarre case, since the actor is known for his comedies. The truth is, we love these unusual items. The first takes place in May.

04 | Smart

Speaking of cult horror directors, this is a big favorite of you the readers. James Wan has already shown that he is perfect, without flaws. Take a wave of terror and don’t let the wheel drop when the topic is a hit – let’s say Fast & Furious 7 and Aquaman. Without returning to the sequel to DC King of the Seas, Wan decides to play with something he knows well: our fear. Malignant is one of the most enigmatic productions of the year. But what we do know is that Wan is in command and is marking his return to terror. And that is enough. Oh yes, we also know that it will be a story without supernatural elements and will bring Annabelle Wallis (Annabelle and The Mummy) in the lead. The beginnings are also a mystery.

03 | Old

Another still enigmatic film, Old marks the return of another master in the genre that consecrates him. M. Night Shyamalan knows the Heaven and Hell of Olympus Cinema like no other. Little by little, the filmmaker returns to success with success. Although its Servant series received a lot of praise from the press (with 83% approval), the series does not seem to have fallen into popular taste, perhaps because of the platform it was launched on ( do you know many people who have seen it?). Here, with his new film, he hopes to follow this line of praise, but also being embraced by the popularity of his last two films, Fragmentado e Vidro. The plot… no one knows it yet, but what we can say is that Old brings a precious trio of talented youngsters: Eliza Scanlen, Thomasin McKenzie and Abbey Lee. The first… oh, you could say, will be in July.

02 | A Quiet Place – Part II

The best horror film of 2018 (well, maybe behind Hereditary), A Quiet Place caused a stir and lived to be a surprise hit. The reality of a planet devastated by monstrous sound-guided creatures made human beings live in silence. Thus, we follow the more than tense trajectory of a family. Of course, such success could not end there. The second part got off to a quick start, again featuring the talented Emily Blunt. The film is among those who have suffered from the pandemic, just as it was about to be released. Now we can finally check it out in April.

01 | Summoning of Evil 3 – Order of Demons

There is no way. The Invocation of Evil franchise has become synonymous with beloved terror. Despite their style of commercial and formidable terror, the two preceding ones, created precisely by James Wan, surprise by the extreme quality of their production. Despite being released by a large studio, Wan manages to squeeze a lot of humanity into the films, with an emphasis on family – both investigators and interviewees. It keeps moments subtle, both in terms of terror (which might forget the applause scene in the first one) and in more intimate scenes (when in the second the film slows down for Patrick Wilson to sing Elvis on guitar. ). Precisely because of all this, it scares us a little not to have Wan in the sense (only in production) of this third party. And it scares us even more to have the guy who “committed” The Curse of the Crying (2019) in charge. But … have faith.

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