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The 10 most critically-acclaimed films of 2021



Recently here at CinePOP, we kicked off our article with the best and worst movies of the year, according to our editorial team. The end of the year is always a busy time for film critics and journalists alike, as it is the time when we can celebrate and announce the best – and often the worst – that we have seen in another. twelve month trip. In 2021, things started to resume their course, getting closer to the “normal” before. And we must continue to take care of ourselves and get vaccinated to avoid the worst.

As well as making our own shortlist, it’s always interesting to ‘swap stickers’ and see what other vehicles or personalities in the industry highlight as the highlight and also the low point of the year. This is exactly what we are going to bring you in our new story. Here we conducted a survey of top 2021 releases, whether in theaters or streaming media, which received less praise from the press, scoring low in the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator. . All below 20% approval. Check it out below and comment on your favorites.

10) Family justice

When heralded as one of her biggest releases of the year, this Netflix feature drew attention to the presence of blockbuster Jason Momoa (Aquaman himself) and young and up-and-coming Isabela. Merced, playing the role of father and daughter in the action thriller. This is why the production already had our interest, ready to raise the adrenaline. Initially, the film even engages us with the story of a husband seeking revenge on the pharmaceutical company who “left his wife to die”, working in non-subtle ways as a critique of the industry moguls who are always looking for profit. on human lives. But then the first hurdle comes when we realize this is a much more vehicle than Merced, leaving star Momoa in the background. However, what got everyone to see ships was the latest weird twist, which was considered very clever, and which is the big “balcony” behind the film. The job has 20% press approval.

09) the seventh day

This one comes from the “rival” Amazon Prime Video. Imagine a mix between The Exorcist (1973) and Training Day (2001), because that’s what we have here in this horror. In the plot, a renowned exorcist joins a novice priest for his first “day on patrol”. As in Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke’s film, the duo here dive deep into the line between good and evil, on a desperate journey. Guy Pearce is the protagonist in the role of the exorcist. The film garnered 17% approval from the press, who accused it of having no history, of being too introspective when it should have been more exaggerated, and of mixing the genres of exorcism films. and police buddies but only getting the worst out of them.

Enjoy watching:

08) Infinite

Infinito was to be the flagship launch of the classic Hollywood studio’s Paramount + platform. That is to say, it would be the first major launch of the house directly on its platform, which should sell streaming to the general public. Starring Mark Wahlberg and directed by the talented Antoine Fuqua, the sci-fi feature mixes The Origin (2010) with Highlander – The Immortal Warrior, but the end result ended up making it one of the biggest fiascos of 2021, a movie those who saw it didn’t like, and most haven’t even heard of. With 16% critical approval, it was considered “an intriguing sci-fi thriller that quickly falls into inconsistency, Infinito is as insane as it is insignificant.”

07) inside the devil’s head

Another “gem” contained in the Amazon Prime Video collection. Another “pseudo terror”. Gone are the days when director Neill Blomkamp was considered a promising voice of talent in science fiction. The South African made a splash with District 9 (2009) and was even nominated for an Oscar (the movie); but with each new production, its shine fades a little longer – with Elysium (2013) and Chappie (2015). The director himself jokes that his departure from an Alien movie that didn’t work is because Ridley Scott watched Chappie. All that remains for the young director today is to say bad things about Denis Villeneuve on his social networks – since the French Canadian is on top of the wave, dominating a genre where Blomkamp should be at the top. In any case, it is officially the lowest for the filmmaker, In the Spirit of the Devil mixes spell and technology, marking the return of the filmmaker with small budgets. The film has 15% press approval.

06) The rescue: the day of redemption

It looks like we’ll be taking over with the most popular feeds today. After two “points” scored for Amazon, we have now matched the game with one of the latest releases from Netflix. The Rescue (not to be confused with the original Netflix movie starring Chris Hemsworth) is an action film about an archaeologist kidnapped by terrorists in Morocco. Now it’s up to your war hero husband to overcome his traumas, arm himself to the teeth and go find his wife. One thing stands out here: the presence of Gary Dourdan, star of the CSI series, fit and in good physical shape. This proves that a rumor that circulated on the internet showing the actor as a crack user destroyed by drugs was false, turning out to be one of the first fake news on the internet. The film, however, has a 13% approval rating, being considered “an unintended comedy”.

05) Breaking News from Yuba County

And with that, Amazon Prime Video “leads again” as the platform with the most disastrous movies of 2021 – the competition is good. The main role here is Oscar winner Allison Janney. Sometimes we don’t understand what went through the minds of talented actors and directors to get themselves into such a hole. This “no-frills” comedy is directed by the usually talented Tate Taylor (Stories Crusades and The Girl on the Train) who’s been doing a lot of bullshit lately (Ma, Ava and now this one). In the plot, Janney plays a woman who surprises her husband with another woman, the guy dies and she buries him in the backyard. After that, she saw a celebrity in her small town. The cast also includes names such as Mila Kunis, Juliette Lewis, Awkwafina, Regina Hall, Ellen Barkin, and Matthew Modine. The film garners a paltry 11% press approval.

04) Radhe

Here we have a very curious case. This Indian crime action thriller will likely go down in history as one of the most “hated” of recent years. He holds the record for one of the “most popular” on IMDB, as more than 174,000 users made a point of accessing Radhe’s page on the site… to give the film a low rating. In IMDB, we also measure how many people have accessed a movie page to rate it, which is the famous “talk badly, but talk about me”. Radhe therefore retains the record for the 12th most “popular” film of the year in terms of hits, the problem is that these hits should give the film a very low score of 1.9 stars out of 10. The plot shows police officer Radhe returning from suspension to fight the Indian mafia. The film has 9% approvals, from the brave journalists who faced the film.

03) Music

The intention was good, we are sure of it. But with good intentions, hell is full. Today, the politically correct world is very delicate when it comes to the representation of minorities in cinema, in series, and in the arts in general. You have to feel that you are not approaching a controversial subject in the wrong way. But that’s exactly what “mysterious” muse Sia achieved when she decided to make her directorial debut in an autism film. And worse yet, the movie was also written by Sia. In the plot, Kate Hudson, the head shaved, plays a young alcoholic who “cleans” in a rehabilitation clinic. It is there that she receives the news that she will be the tutor of her half-sister, a young autistic woman named Music. For the film, Sia received a lot of negative reviews and was the target of a huge controversy on social networks for choosing Maddie Ziegler, the dancer in her videos, as an autistic woman. The controversy only increased when Sia debated and defended the choice of her protégé. Sia’s “Autism Music” was nominated for the Golden Raspberry for Worst Picture and “won” in several categories. But it was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Picture. What does this say about foreign press awards in Hollywood? The music received 7% press approval and was considered an offensive film.

02) Realization

With that, Amazon Prime Video is taking the streaming “podium” with the most destroyed movies of 2021 and no one is taking it away from it. Poor Morgan Freeman, who at this point in his career has to go through this. But he who is king never loses his majesty, and nothing will deprive the veteran actor of the prestige he has acquired over many years of his career. In mind, we have another controversial “muse”. The exotic Ruby Rose arrived on the awesome scene in the Orange is the New Black series, and quickly became a darling, appearing in projects like Resident Evil 6, Triple X Reactivated, John Wick 2, Perfect Choice 3, and Megashark. Yes it is safe to say she was everywhere. And that brings her to the Batwoman series, where a lesbian heroine lived on the small screen. However, after coming into conflict with the LGBTQ community, the actress dropped out of the series and ended up moving towards less relevant projects. This one, where he plays an ex-criminal manipulated by a corrupt cop, puts him to play with the great Morgan Freeman and maybe that was the allure. However, the film has a 5% approval rating, placing it in the ranking of one of the worst of 2021 for critics.

01) The films of Bruce Willis

I recently wrote an article on Bruce Willis’ career decline. Apparently, the once charismatic actor is fed up and only works for money lately. That way he shows up, does his scenes (usually in a day), puts his face on the movie poster (even though his time on stage is very short), cash his paycheck, and move on to the next one. While for him this is an excellent formula, it translates into a sharp drop, both in his popularity with the public and in the quality of such snares. Only in 2021, Willis delivered three “stinky” films, which have soured the bottom of the cinema. The first, the best trio of the trio, is Midnight on Switchgrass, which, despite playing Willis, stars Megan Fox as a police officer. The suspense has 8% approval. Next is Cosmic Invasion, space science fiction, full of costumes and cool storylines, but with 3% approval by journalists. And taking the gold medal in Bruce Willis’ recent collection, his latest feature, Apex, another sci-fi mequerefe, totals 0% so far. Will a charitable soul take you to at least 1%?

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