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The 10 most brutal and violent SLASHER movies ever made



We recently had the premiere of Halloween Kills, a film that divides public opinion precisely because it is so different from the previous one and comes across as a bloody slasher and cares little about any plot. A horror sub-genre that was first born in Italy, through the so-called giallo films, and has acquired new contours over the years. Halloween (1978), Friday the 13th (1980) and The Nightmare Hour (1984) cemented this trend by bringing together iconic killers such as Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger, and inspired many more. They are essentially the most well-known slasher figures, however, even without achieving the same fame, there were several other films in the style that are just as amazing and impactful as the ones mentioned in them.

Many of them have not had the same success for various reasons, bad distributions, because of the low investment capital, or because of the subjects discussed and of an all the more violent language. A lot of these movies haven’t given up on being visceral in the extreme and made Jason sound like a polite guy, despite all the animality that is presented in them. Halloween Kills is arguably the most violent movie in the franchise, constantly using gore and causing ruthless deaths that have many people squirming in the theater seats. Some even say the movie is overkill and forgets the story itself – which is no lie. But, even so, it’s perfectly justifiable that they chose this and did it differently this Halloween of 2018. Although it doesn’t come close to those more obscure ones we’ll talk about next.

But, after all, what are these “relegated” slashers, because left behind, are they as violent as they say? Based on that idea, we’ve put together a list here with ten of the style’s most violent productions to ever come out. Some of the ones mentioned below that you’ve certainly seen, others may not have even crossed many people’s radar, with works that haven’t even been officially posted here. Maybe the list will also serve as a guide for a special bloody slasher movie marathon. Since this is horror month, let’s make the most of the moment and see as many movies as possible. We’ve also reserved space for some newer features, which have replaced older ones as violent or older. Let’s go!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

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Without a doubt, the great precursor of American slasher films was The Chainsaw Massacre, a compulsory and fundamental work for American horror cinema, precisely because it moved away from mystical figures and relied on that of a serial killer. . The film directed by Tobe Hooper, of Poltergeist (1982) and Sinister Force (1985), is loosely based on the life of serial killer Ed Gein, who in addition to killing has collected pieces of corpses of victims. And here in the heart of Texas, Master Hooper builds an insane microcosm above a completely panicked family that even feeds on captured victims. The ending is always one of the most electrifying and powerful in a movie, Leatherface terrifying everyone.

Twilight Panic (1976)

Another that was inspired by a true story, Panic at Nightfall also deals with a serial killer who terrorized and killed the people of Arkansa, circa 1946. The killer is only known as the ghost, always walking around in a balaclava and never being identified. He claimed at least five victims, plus the others who were permanently marked. The artwork has served as inspiration for some well-known slasher films, like Friday the 13th for example, which looks more like a copy. Remember, the movie is from 1976, it was released long before Halloween itself.

The Drill Killer (1979)

Directed by seminal filmmaker Abel Ferrara, O Assassin da Da Boradeira has a lot of what is now called psychological horror, but it’s filled with shocking and extremely violent scenes. With blood coming out of the pores of the pictures. In the story we see Reno Miller, played by Ferrara himself, a visual artist distressed by the debts he has to pay, who becomes more and more desperate, until he begins to hallucinate. . Then, during the night, Reno goes around New York City attacking several people with a drill, indiscriminately, but when dawn comes he doesn’t remember anything.

Tourist trap (1979)

In Trap for Tourists we see a mix of slasher with supernatural elements and moments full of dark humor, tension and a strange sense of relaxation. Back then it was crazy and terrible, much more hardcore and disturbing than anything they used to see out there in the late 70s. Gasoline, next to a road that also operates a motel and wax museum. There, they meet Mr. Slauses and hear that there is a legend at the location that people are attacked by a masked man. From there, one by one they start to be attacked, in the most brutal way possible. Years later, the film had a laughable remake with the Paris Hilton, but the original is extremely gory.

Who killed the rosemary? (nineteen eighty one)

Unlike the movies we’ve already mentioned here, Who Killed Rosemary has the essence of what a 1980s horror movie is. Here we have a murderer who dresses in military gear and is chasing a small town in the New Jersey. Yes, it’s a film that has a lot of clichés, on the other hand it’s just as extreme and shocking, the killings being done through practical effects by master Tom Savini. The murder scenes are terrifying and far more disturbing than what we’ve seen in Jason’s movies. If you are looking for a violent slasher, this one is very suitable.

The New York Ripper (1982)

Directed by the underrated Lucio Fulci, The New York Ripper is one of the best films of the artist’s career, mixing the imprint and the aesthetic of giallo cinema with all the brutality of the very successful slashers. at the time. In the film, we have strong sexual scenes and even a certain graphic violence that can disturb a lot of people, from cutting a nipple with your own hands to making holes in the eyes of one of the victims. And even with all that insane gore, it’s a movie that has a compelling storyline that won’t make you blink. We see a detective and a psychologist looking for a serial killer who talks strangely, like a duck (!), It’s true. The story takes place in a dismal New York City and completely overwhelmed by the fear and evils of a hopeless age.

Grim Camp (1983)

Long before Jason arrived, we had access to one of the greatest slasher classics released in 1983, the sensational Camp Sinister. The plot is also very reminiscent of Friday the 13th for taking a group of young people to be assaulted in a camp, but director Robert Hiltzik wanted to make a film about serial killers that exceeded normal and provided a reflection. After a terrible accident, we see Angela and her cousin Ricky go on vacation to Arawak camp, where they meet Paul, Judy and Meg. Before long, bizarre deaths start to occur and several characters are accused of committing the crimes. The production is modest, but the whole design of the death scenes shocks others as well.

The Bloody Bird (1987)

In this slasher from Michele Soavi, pupil of Dario Argento, we see one of the best examples of the sub-genre that only appeared in the late 1980s, a style that no longer had the same strength. In the plot, an assassin escapes from a mental hospital and ends up in a theater, where, coincidentally, that night the team of actors would be locked up to do a night rehearsal. And here’s a metalanguage, because the piece they’re rehearsing is precisely a musical about a serial killer. So we have a very claustrophobic environment, with an atmosphere of panic and violent and grotesque scenes. In addition to all the fear and carnage, what will mark your mind is precisely the owl head mask.

Chromeskull: Rested (2009)

Certainly Chromeskull Laid to Rest is a hideous movie, both as a fabrication and in all the rotten things it brings. An ultra-violent production in which we follow a young woman who wakes up in a coffin, with a head trauma and without memory. In other words, he doesn’t know who he is. She then realizes that she has been kidnapped by a rude serial killer by the name of Chromeskull. Yes, the plot is hogwash and every achievement leaves something to be desired, but like Halloween Kills, the movie is more about the murder, as they are all gruesome as well as cathartic. Also benefiting from the current effects, we are witnessing a kind of eschatology that only Eli Roth can compare. Want to skip the story and focus on the gore? This film is made for you!

Headless (2015)

It’s another film that bets on metalanguage, or rather, a film within a film, in the larger style of found images, which simulates terrorist images taken in the late 1970s. Headless revolves around a masked assassin who takes part in moments involving cannibalism and necrophilia. And then, as if things couldn’t get crazier, this killer confronts his past, ends up having another outbreak and fully embracing the madness and all the depravity of his mind; killing and devouring the life of a girl and all her relatives. The feature film has been banned in several countries and has not even been shown here in Brazil. If you want to see it, go at your own peril because, although it is recent, it is not behind any of the ones mentioned here, when it comes to violence and brutality.

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