Tesla Facing Federal Criminal Probe Over Self-Driving Claims



Image: David Zalubowski (AP)

A report from Reuters says the U.S. Department of Justice has opened a criminal investigation into Tesla over its Autopilot system, and its self-driving claims.

It’s no surprise, as Tesla’s claims of its Autopilot system’s self-driving capabilities has attracted a lot of concerned attention over the years. Proof of how bad the Autopilot’s self-driving tech is already easy to find online as well. Add to that the crashes and fatalities piling up with Tesla’s Autopilot behind the wheel, the government really started to pay attention. 

Sources close to the matter told Reuters that the case being brought against Tesla could be complicated by the EV maker itself. Elon Musk has contradicted his own company many times over when talking about the Autopilot self-driving capabilities. Musk will say or claim one thing, but Tesla would come out to say another. Just a week ago, Musk claimed a new update would bring “Full Self-Driving,” and that it would allow Tesla drivers to get “to your work, your friend’s house, to the grocery store without you touching the wheel.” Yet the company has issued warnings that drivers must maintain some semblance of control of the vehicle by keeping their hands on the wheel when the system is engaged.

The potential probe would be broad and far-reaching in its implications according to Reuters, as the investigation would look at potentially charging executives or the company itself. Which you could interpret that Musk and Tesla are both at risk.

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