“Terrible scene”, shock gesture from Charlene of Monaco: saved by the waitresses!



A terrible scene and a shocking gesture involved Charlene of Monaco. The princess was saved by the servants.

Charlene of Monaco is back on the crest of the wave after a terrible scene in which she was the protagonist. This was defined by many as a terrible gesture, with the princess brought to safety by the servants: which happened.

Full details on what happened to the princess (via Ansa Foto)

Lately, Charlene of Monaco has made headlines by posting photos of twins Jacques and Gabriella on social media. Despite this, the Monegasque princess has not been seen in public since last October and it is said that to see her again in front of the cameras it will be necessary to wait until November 19, the anniversary of Monte Carlo National Day to see her again. . Despite this isolation, the princess seemed on the road to recovery.

In fact, the severe infection that plagued his nose, throat, and ears in 2021, if not completely overcome, is about to go away. The princess’s body has responded well to all therapy and rehabilitation treatments, so much so that she is allowed to be alone with her children. Several magazines from Neue Frau to Here have indeed revealed how Charlene was forbidden to be alone with her children, having just returned from her long isolation in South Africa. Precisely these months have been difficult for the princess, with situations that have prompted Alberto not to entrust the growth of his children only to the princess.

Charlene of Monaco, uncontrolled reactions: the scenes that frightened the court

The latest rumors about the Monegasque princess (repubblica.it)

After a few episodes, Alberto allegedly chose not to leave the children alone in Charlene’s care. The princess suffered from seizures that caused her to react out of control. Indeed, during his hospitalization in South Africa there was talk of a collapse, but in reality he seems to have had a more violent crisis than the others, during which he allegedly threw objects at people in the room, injuring his assistant. The bodyguards even intervened to calm her down.

Another episode that made the Prince tremble about Charlene’s health dates back some time and was reported by Here. On this occasion, the princess violently grabbed the scissors to cut her hair and even injured her face. To save her this time the waitresses who intervened to stop her thought about it. However, the therapies that Charlene follows have proven effective and she finally seems free from these sudden crises.

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