“Tentacles”: the new anthology film “Into the Dark” gets the official synopsis and image; Check out!



Blumhouse and Hulu recently announced that the “Into the Dark” horror saga will return soon with an exciting chapter: “Tentacles”.

The new film in the streaming platform’s anthology series returns in time for the celebration of Valentine’s Day (American Valentine’s Day) on February 12.

Check out the first official image and synopsis below:

In “Tentacles,” the couple Tara (Dana Drori) and Sam (Casey Deidrick) find themselves upside down in a romance, bonding together for the rest of their lives – until the intimacy turns into something scary.

Enjoy watching:

Directed by Clara Aranovich, the film also stars Evan Williams and Kasey Elise in the cast. Alexandra Pechman and Nick Antosca sign the screenplay.

Stay tuned for more information!

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