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Many factors can lead us to conclude that the years are passing for us. But with age comes baggage and maturity. Well, one of the clues can be measured by our beloved film productions. Especially when we note that the films we saw at the cinema “yesterday” have been released for no less than 20 years. Time flies really fast.

There is no better time to celebrate a movie, to revisit it, than when it finishes its birthday. The interesting thing is how much is still relevant, or has aged badly, dating in effects, and even worse: in his speech. Here, in this new article, we will discuss the sequel to the great hits of the seventh art which, 20 years ago, launched its long-awaited sequels. Do you remember them all? Be sure to comment below on which ones you’ve watched on the big screen, which ones you prefer, and which ones you think haven’t aged very well. Check.

The return of the mummy

One of the most successful reinterpretations of a classic, The Mummy (1999) reimagined the iconic Universal Monster of the same name (1931) as an Indiana Jones-style morning adventure. Brendan Fraser was the hero of the day in Stephen Sommers’ film, full of visuals and action. The blockbuster became a beloved film and two years later the gang was back in that streak – here featuring an even more menacing new villain, Scorpion King, in the virtual forms of Dwayne The Rock Johnson in his first film. for cinema. Too bad the third part (The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor) took so long to release (2008), losing much of the franchise’s hype.

Jurassic Park III

Speaking of a successful franchise, Jurassic Park – Parque dos Dinossauros (1993) is a real milestone not only in cinematic entertainment, but for the seventh art in general due to the most varied aspects – many technicians, including. While he didn’t necessarily ask for a sequel, he nonetheless came up with The Lost World in 1997, directed by Spielberg himself. Four more years and the filmmaker only returned as a producer here, in what is considered the sweetest escape from the “Original Trilogy.” In an adventurous uncompromising plot, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) returns to Dinosaur Island to find a missing boy.


While we’ve lived for a while in an era of pre-established franchises and brands, they are still not as common outside of the blockbuster, terror, and comedy ‘circuit’. But that doesn’t mean that other genres can’t generate franchises, like suspense for example. One of the most famous representatives is that of the refined psychopath Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The character, played by Anthony Hopkins, would be immortalized by the absolute classic The Silence of the Lambs – which turns 30 in 2021. Here, ten years after the aforementioned prestigious Oscar-winning film, the character has returned to Hopkins’ manner for more than one. wave of evil and cannibalism, now free. However, her counterpart, FBI agent Clarice Starling, is a little different. All because Oscar winner Jodie Foster refused to revisit this sequel directed by Ridley Scott, and was replaced by Julianne Moore.

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American Pie 2 – The second time is even better

A surprise success of the late 1990s, the first American Pie would mark the era as a teenage film with crude, eschatological and highly politically incorrect humor. Here we basically have a version of Porky’s – The House of Love and Laughter (1981) from the next decade. Who knows. However, there is a certain sweetness in these characters, even if it is hidden under their seething libido. This streak came two years later and counted in its favor on our established affection by the characters.

Rush hour 2

It’s true that cop buddy movies – police partner movies – weren’t new when the first Rush Hour was released in 1998. But what the movie did masterfully was to introduce Chinese star Jackie Chan in the United States and around the world. range production. The actor had already tried to mark in this market with his Chinese productions, but Rush Hour opened the doors of his entrance to him. And this sequel is just as fun as the original. Too bad that took a little time to get free. We’re not even talking about the third part. One of the attractions of the sequel is the presence of cute Zhang Ziyi as a villainous martial fighter – the actress had dropped from hit The Tiger and the Dragon the year before.

Everyone in Panic 2

Recently I’ve been writing about parody movies, which peaked in the 1990s. From there it was just downhill, with a few questionable productions coming out in the decade mentioned. Everyone in Panic was a respite from the new decade, which received high praise and became a box office success, satirizing the resurrected slasher wave with Panic and I Know What You Did The last summer. A curiosity is that Pânico (Scream) had Scary Movie as the original title, which ended up being used here. In the sequel, released the following year, the target of satire was films of haunted mansions and all manner of supernatural entities.

In the spider’s web

While the title isn’t clear – after all, we don’t have the “2” of all the sequels here – this thriller is the sequel to Kisses that Kill (1997). Both are based on the books by author James Patterson, who uses detective and psychologist Dr. Alex Cross as the protagonist. In both films, the character acquired all of the greatness from veteran Oscar Oscar Morgan Freeman. This time, Cross is investigating the kidnapping of a girl that took place at an exclusive elite school. Helping the case, this time the detective has the partnership of an FBI agent (role of blonde Monica Potter). A third part was also produced, with Alex Cross rejuvenated as Tyler Perry, in the hapless Shadow of the Enemy (2012).

Jason x

So far on the list we’ve had sequels, and even a third of franchises of varying success. But what about when we stumble upon the TENTH part of a series of films. Yes, I mean the most famous slasher of all, Friday the 13th. It all started in 1980 and by the end of the decade Paramount had released no less than eight films in the immortal killer Jason Voorhees franchise. After that, the studio finally got tired of playing the hellish psychopath “shenanigans” and passed the ball to New Line, which quickly launched Jason Vai to Hell (1993) – as the sale was accompanied by a legal battle over the brand name. franchise. So the studio had Jason, but couldn’t use the title Friday the 13th. Almost ten years into this stalemate, and New Line finally released another movie from the hat, this time taking Jason to space. Really!

Dr Dolittle 2

Before the Eternal Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., made one of the biggest blunders of his career trying to establish a new franchise for the whole family with Dolittle, another disgraced star took advantage of this brand. . The original Dolittle is a 2h30min musical production from 1967 nominated for an Oscar in 9 categories, including Best Picture. A few decades later, Eddie Murphy, riding his newfound popularity (thanks to The Nutty Professor), modernizes Hugh Lofting’s children’s books about a doctor who talks to animals, for the new times. And so, Murphy scored another goal, this time with the smaller ones. And with the success, a sequel was not delayed. Here, on vacation in his country house, a bear comes into play as the doctor’s new assignment.

Dundee Crocodile in Hollywood

Unfortunately, some franchises need to rest in their time. Such brands do not seem to work outside of them, and for that they have had to undergo a strong reinterpretation in order to include them in today’s society – or perhaps play with the period in which they are imprisoned constituting a story from that time. Either way, Crocodilo Dundee (1986), the Hollywood version of our eternal bumbler Didi Mocó, became one of the unexpected phenomena of the late 1980s, when he brought an “Australian highlander” to a culture shock in a New York owned by a particular property. all the attractions’ of the time. The surprise was for the innocence and the big heart of the film. So, two years later, the sequel tried to capitalize without the same result. Resting for the next decade, one producer thought it was time to take Paul Hogan and his famous character (who has become a symbol of Australia) out of isolation for another spin. The result was that old joke told for the third time …

Bonus: Besteirol Empire Strikes Back

Before Marvel Studios achieved his feat in the seventh art, director Kevin Smith had already created his cinematic universe in his works. Interestingly, almost all of the filmmaker’s films are interconnected, showing that they all take place in the same universe. The link is the characters Jay and Silent Bob, played by Jason Mewes and Smith himself. Prior to this film, the characters had already appeared in four other productions of the director and would return for a few more. In the plot, the wacky stoners find out that Hollywood is planning an overproduction based on the heroes they created in the comics and set out to prevent the film from being made. In 2019, that story continued with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot – a sort of Avengers: Endgame from Smith’s shared universe, the “Smithverso”.

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