Temptation Island, will enter the house of the GF Vip: the reaction of the partner



From Temptation Island to GF Vip: from the web they are certain and the partner’s reaction makes you think. How will he live it?

Alfonso Signorini announced 6 new entries from the red door. Who will arrive? Half of them have already been revealed and among them is an old Temptation Island which has created quite a stir, especially for the reaction of the partner.


Tomorrow, Thursday November 3, there will be new entries inside the GF Vip house. More than a month has passed since the start of the GF Vip and those who have passed through the red door are 8, albeit for different reasons. Gegia, Cristina Quaranta and Amaurys left after the nomination, Giovanni Ciacci and Elenoire Ferruzzi exited with a flash televote set up for disciplinary action, Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified and Sara Manfuso and Marco Bellavia retired.

Alfonso Signorini has called in his reinforcements: characters from the VIP world who will come in during the works to upset the daily lives of the other competitors. It was Davide Maggio who anticipated everyone – even though Deianira Marzano gave the news months ago – about the entry of Edoardo Tavassi. Luca Onestini will also join him and the web gossippara was able to give a third name: Luciano Punzo.

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