“Ted Lasso”: Supervisor reveals how he got Disney to release use of song “Let it Go”



The “Ted Lasso” series has already become one of the biggest hits of the 2021 awards season, due to its delicate balance of more innocent humor, with truly identifiable personal and dramatic issues.

And one of the big surprises of the first season was precisely the presence of the iconic hit “Let it Go”, from the animation “Frozen”, owned by Disney – which normally does not allow the use of its songs intended for the public. family in productions other than those of the studio itself.

And at a select closed event, where CinePOP was one of the guests, the show’s visual effects supervisor Tony Von Pervious revealed how they managed to convince Mickey House to allow the use of one of the series. their most famous songs.

On occasion, he revealed that Disney even denied the use of the song, but later convinced himself of it, after seeing the end result of the famous karaoke scene in the 7th episode, in which the actress Hannah Waddingham does a powerful take on the hit.

“The songs are determined and built into the script, especially in this episode where we have the karaoke scene. Jason [Sudeikis] and the producers wanted specific songs. ‘Let it Go’ had been the first choice for this time, but because it’s a song that belongs to the Disney catalog, we know that they have some peculiarities regarding the use of their songs in movies and series, especially if they don’t belong in the studio. So that was a big “what if” until we shot the scene and showed it to the executives at Disney. But initially, they denied it. So we had to record with this song and with another version because we didn’t know if we would get their approval. But the more information we could show, the better our chances of reconsidering the decision. So we proved that the song wouldn’t be distorted, that it’s a beautiful song… We showed that Rebecca is a great singer and that there would be no negativity involved in that context. And as soon as we shot that scene, I sent it to the executives and we could go back from “denied” to “approved”.

Throughout the chat, Pervious also commented on how critically important the song “Frozen” was to the entire context of the scene, as well as the depth of the character – who is one of the great protagonists:

And it was the perfect song for the scene. And the context was exactly that, showing Rebecca singing those Frozen songs, which is a tradition she has with her goddaughter. So it was crucial to keep “Let it Go”, so I’m happy to hear that we got this victory. But we had already recorded a backup song in case we couldn’t use the Disney music. And that other was the classic ‘I Will Survive’, which is just as amazing. But Jason really wanted the Casa do Mickey hit.

The Supervisor took it a step further and commented on his enthusiasm for the second season, which is already one of the most anticipated of 2021. He also pondered on the production’s success, noting that it will make it easier to acquire rights to the production. author for new musical hits:

“I believe that this new season we will have a lot less work with licensing and we will more easily get the songs we want, mainly because now everyone knows the series and it has become one of the most loved and rewarded today. “

Discover the first image of the 2nd season:

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The new episodes are scheduled to air on July 23.


The production was created by Bill Lawrene, Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly.

The series follows the life of Ted Lasso, a football coach who finds himself in trouble when he finds himself hired to coach a football team in England, despite a lack of experience in the sport.

Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed and more complete the cast.

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