Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Relationship Timeline Explored



Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been one of the most talked-about celebrity couples of recent years. From their secret relationship to their public appearances, fans have been following their love story with great interest.

Taylor Swift is a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter who has captured hearts around the world with her music. Joe Alwyn, on the other hand, is a British actor who has made a name for himself in the film industry.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the timeline of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship before their split.

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The Beginning Of Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn’s Relationship

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship started back in 2016, at the Met Gala. However, it was not until May 2017 that rumors of their relationship started to circulate.

At the time, Taylor was seen with Joe in Nashville, Tennessee. There she had rented a house to avoid the paparazzi. It was later revealed that Joe was the reason behind her trip to Nashville.

According to sources, Taylor and Joe’s relationship started off as a friendship and gradually turned into a romantic relationship. They bonded over their shared love for music and movies, and it didn’t take long for them to realize that they had a special connection.

Although they were spotted together a few times in 2017, they managed to keep their relationship under wraps for the most part. Taylor had been in the public eye for most of her life. She knew that keeping her relationship with Joe private was important to ensure that it had a chance to flourish.

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Kept Their Relationship Secret

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s relationship has been characterized by a level of secrecy. Taylor’s previous relationships have been public, with paparazzi following her every move. Plus media outlets speculating about her love life all the time. This time Taylor and Joe have kept their romance out of the public eye.

The couple has been careful not to share any details of their relationship on social media or in interviews. They have also been seen together in public only a handful of times. While most of their interactions take place behind closed doors.

To maintain their privacy, Taylor and Joe have gone to great lengths to avoid the paparazzi. They have been spotted leaving hotels and apartments separately and have even used disguises to evade the cameras. Taylor also rented a house in Nashville in 2017 to spend time with Joe away from the public eye.

When Did Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn Went Public?

Taylor and Joe went public with their relationship in May 2018 when they were spotted holding hands in New York City. Since then, they have been seen together on several occasions. Including at award shows and music festivals. In August 2019, Taylor released her album Lover, which features several songs about Joe, including the title track and ‘London Boy.’

The Two Are Supportive Towards Each Other’s Careers

Despite their busy schedules, Taylor and Joe have always been supportive of each other’s careers. Joe has attended many of Taylor’s concerts and events. Taylor has been spotted at some of Joe’s film premieres. In fact, Taylor even wrote a song for Joe’s movie, ‘Only the Young,’ which was featured in the documentary Miss Americana.

The Future Of Their Relationship

Unfortunately, the two are not together anymore. Their split has made headlines. The two decided to take different paths now. Taylor Swift has been seen with another guy lately after their split. Fate had other plans for them.


Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have been a couple for several years now, and their love story has captured the hearts of fans around the world. Their split definitely shattered the hearts of the audience. But now that Taylor is trying to move on, fans are overjoyed. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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