Taylor Kitsch Wife, Rumours or Reality?



Is Taylor Kitsch married? Is there any lucky girl who is legally Taylor Kitsch wife? This article will provide in-depth details about whether this Canadian hero has a wife. 

Who Is Taylor Kitsch Wife? 

Taylor Kitsch is famously known for his role in NBC’S famed television show “Friday Night Lights” as the charming bad boy on the football team. People watched him with fascination as he starred in all the show series from 2006 to 2011. 

It’s no wonder that specifically, his girl fan following is active, and his fans want to know whether, after a considerable career on screen, Taylor Kitsch has a wife. It’s a natural urge to be curious about our favorite actors with considerable charm. Likewise, Kitsch’s history of relationships and marriages is curious for many. 

The Canadian actor in the top viewer TV series “The Terminal List” has not commented on having a wife! So, the rumors of Taylor Kitsch wife are baseless as he has not publicly appeared with his supposed wife. It is public knowledge that he still needs to make any announcements about any possible marriage with a known name. However, he does have a record of relationships he has been dedicated to that have broken off. 

Hence, it is still a mystery if he intends to marry any time soon, and his love life is currently hard to unravel. 

Is Taylor Kitsch in a Relationship Currently? 

Taylor Kitsch’s current relationship status must be disclosed as he has kept his potential partners out of the public eye. However, we do have the record of Kitcsh’s previous partners, and in them are famous actresses. These famous actresses who have been part of Taylor Kitcsh’s love life include Rachel McAdams, famously known from the movie Notebook, and Jennifer Welch, a Canadian model. 

However, there are no details about the Canadian actor’s present girlfriend and who she might be. Taylor Kitsch prefers to keep his relationships private now for a while. The last known girlfriend that Kitsch appeared in public with was Jennifer Welch. Since then, it has been quite

some time that Kitsch has not actively commented to confirm if he has been in a relationship since then or has been married.

Who Were Taylor Kitsch’s Previous Partners? 

It’s no secret that Taylor Kitsch has kept his fan base and audience curious about when he’ll publicly give any clue about who his current love is. Although, there is a history of partners that Kitsch publicly confirmed by attending events together and in interviews. 

Taylor Kitsch officially began his on-screen career in 2002 with modeling and flourished with his unique model features and blonde locks. He started his journey with IMG, and he got recognized in 2006 when he first starred in the sports drama for teens on NBC. That’s when his fan base increased, and the paparazzi wanted the answer to who the NBC show hunk might be committed to. 

Let’s look at some of his previous relationships! 

Taylor Kitsch with Jessica White (2006-2007) 

Although rumored, the pair seemingly hit it off after a calendar shoot together since both are successful models and share a Canadian/ American background. Their photographs from the shoot sparked the minds of their fans as they looked pretty close to them. However, Jessica White didn’t confirm that they were together in the period, nor did Taylor Kitsch. The paparazzi did put the details of the likelihood of their relationship that remained till February of 2007 when Kitsch appeared in the “Friday Night Lights” show. 

Taylor Kitsch with Minka Kelly (2007) 

Minka Kelly, who starred in the same series as Taylor Kitsch from 2006 to 2009, was confirmed to be Taylor Kitsch’s girlfriend at the beginning of 2007. Now, what’s interesting is that both of them are dating in the show, and thus it wasn’t a surprise that their chemistry hit off in real life as well. 

The rumors spread of their relationship and were confirmed as authentic as Taylor Kitsch himself confirmed their off-screen chemistry in a radio interview. 

However, their love faded, and the couple ended their relationship in the same year.

Taylor Kitsch with Laura Csortan (2008) 

Most relationships start with rumors and are only partially confirmed. Hence, in 2008 Taylor Kitsch was again presumed to be involved with Laura Csortan, an Australian model. The presumption was made as Kitsch was on the X-Men Origins: Wolverine set, where both were seen together up close. Although, Taylor Kitsch never came in public with the confirmation of their relationship, whether it was a romantic link up or friendship. 

Taylor Kitsch with Jennifer Welch (2014-2015) 

After being spotted hanging out in public together in 2014, the paparazzi and Taylor Kitsch’s loyal audiences were convinced that they were dating till 2015. Like Kitsch’s typical history of keeping his relationships personal, he also kept quiet on these speculations. However, they also attended publicly, like the 6th Annual African Children’s Gala in NY. Far from any hints of Jennifer Welch being Taylor Kitsch’s wife, their relationship supposedly broke off in 2015. 

Taylor Kitsch with Jennifer McAdams (2015-2016) 

Jennifer McAdams, with her lovely blonde locks and hearty face, is known for many popular acting performances, which amongst them, the most iconic are from Mean Girls and The Notebook.

Taylor Kitsch is also linked to being with Jennifer McAdams after their public appearance and was clicked by paparazzi. 

However, most sources denied the rumors, and it was confirmed that the pair share a friendship bond only. They decided to keep it behind the curtain even if they were involved for a while. 


We hope we have wiped away your curiosity about who might be Taylor Kitsch’s current wife. We have also listened to his previous known relationships as fans watch him on his running shows.

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