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Tapirulàn Claudia Gerini’s film arrives on Sky: when to see it, intrigue



Comes in the first TV movie on Sky Tapirulàn which sees the directorial debut of Claudia Gerini, who is also the film’s protagonist. Released in theaters from May 5, the feature film will see Roman’s interpreter take on the role of Emma, ​​​​a counselor with a troubled past.

More than thirty years after her debut on the big screen, Claudia Gerini is finding the strength and courage to reinvent herself. And he does it with his first film as a director, titled Tapirulàn. Presented on the occasion of the 13th edition of the Bif & st-Bari International Film & Tv Festival, in competition in the International Panorama section, and landed as a special event at the Montecarlo Film Festival de la Comédie, the feature film can be considered a real professional challenge for our local interpreter. .

Claudia Gerini TapirulanSky Courtesy Press Office

For the first time, in fact, Claudia Gerini finds herself alternately in the double position of director and actress, in a film that bears her signature. And, after a long wait, the fruit of his labor will land on Sky’s first TV. The film will air on Tuesday October 18 at 9.15pm on Sky Cinema Due, streaming on NOW and available on demand.

Tapirulàn, what to expect from Claudia Gerini’s first film: plot and cast

In the film, Claudia Gerini stars as Emma, ​​a work-from-home counselor running endlessly on a treadmill, amidst inner angst and ghosts from the past that suddenly return to haunt her life. . With her in the cast Claudia Vismara, Stefano Pesce, Maurizio Lombardi, Corrado Fortuna. The film is written by Antonio Baiocco and Fabio Morici, with the collaboration of Claudia Gerini. The film marks the arrival of the Roman performer in the world of directing, thanks to a story that the person directly concerned confessed in an interview that aired some time ago: “I felt it in me”. Tapirulàn is produced by Stefano Bethlen for Milano Talent Factory in association with Big Tree Movie Entertainment and Attitude.

Claudia Gerini TapirulanSky Courtesy Press Office

The story revolves around the character of Emma (Claudia Gerini). The woman does online consultations while running on her treadmill. Unlock the lives of others while his own stops. He never leaves the house and doesn’t let anyone into his life. But this illusory balance is broken when her sister, after 26 years of silence, bursts into her fortress with an unbearable request, which will force Emma to confront the ghosts of the past. The film will premiere on Sky Cinema Due on Tuesday October 18 and will be available to stream on NOW.

Claudia Gerini TapirulanSky Courtesy Press Office

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