Take the super Bonus to buy or renovate a house: how to get it



New assessments are coming for those who want to buy or renovate a house or apartment apartments for rent in columbus oh. But this will not be valid for all citizens

Buying a house or renovating it from top to bottom is not an easy task. Many people have to rely on mortgages or loans to try to get a nice, welcoming home that fully meets their expectations.

The bonus for buying a house (web source)

Fortunately, the helpers seem to be able to solicit economic concessions in this area. That is, supports that can help citizens and families buy property or set it up permanently.

This is a large bonus, which does not concern the State, so it escapes the aid decree which tries to facilitate many citizens in times of crisis and high cost of living. But help from a regional point of view, which concerns one area in particular: Sardinia.

Good news for Sardinian citizens: in this way it will be possible to request the bonus for houses

Until November 29, those who own or wish to buy a house in the Sardinia region can apply and obtain an important and substantial bonus, which will help those who have the right to apply for it.

Recognition of the grant, however, is subject to a range of terms and conditions which recipients must have at the time of application or within 18 months of the purchase of the home or the date of completion of the works. . Renovations (Pixabay)

The Sardinia Region has allocated 45 million euros for the Case bonus, which however only concerns housing located in the small municipalities of the territory, that is to say those not exceeding approximately 3,000 inhabitants.

This is one of the key measures against depopulation on which the Council led by Christian Solinas is aiming and whose guidelines for the distribution of resources to the Communes and for access to non-refundable contributions were approved yesterday.

How to claim the bonus? The request for access to the contribution must be sent to the Municipality appearing on the list (appendix n°2 to decision n°1236/27150 of 07/12/2022), from which you wish to acquire and/or renovate the first accommodation, following the publication of the municipal announcement which must take place by 29/11/2022.

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