Take a look back at the history of caravans



Caravans holidays have an extensive history that spans many years, but they’ve changed a lot since their humble beginnings.

They are a popular staple amongst many holiday groups these days and continue to grow in popularity, but where did their history begin?

Carry on reading to find out how caravan holidays have evolved over the years to stand the test of time…

Let’s go back to the beginning

Caravans can be traced back over 100 years, but there’s much debate over what was really the beginning of caravanning.

Back in the days of Silk Road, an ancient trading route where goods were towed by horses, is where some people believe to be the beginning of caravans.

However, others believe it to have been started by the Romany community – Romany Gypsies lived in Europe and utilised horse-drawn caravans, which they both lived and travelled in.

The name for these was Vardo and are not seen as often, but if you do want to catch a glimpse, head to the Appleby Horse Fair in Cumbria.

They lasted for around 70 years, then in the 1880s, the first luxury caravan was created after higher-class individuals in society began using them.

Then, not long after, The Caravan Club was created…

The first caravan to be towed by car

Eccles Motor Transport then created the first caravan that could be towed by car, in 1919 – these were set with a fitted wardrobe and a basic stove for cooking.

This is when the popularity of caravans began to rise for the general public, as after the Second World War, cheaper options were created to suit more people.

This helped caravans to become a key staple in British culture and a better option for UK holidays.

Heading to the 20th century

As the 20th century progressed, more and more firms were creating their own versions of caravans and major changes began to happen in the 1960s.

This enabled dining spaces within the caravans to be converted into more sleeping spaces and the addition of electricity for a much safer experience.

These companies were now able to use better materials to ensure that these motorhomes were long-lasting, which began to change this industry to what we know and love today!

What about now?

These days, caravans are equipped with everything you could ever wish for and are more than just a portable home.

Growing in popularity is the static caravan, which are situated at various UK parks – equipped with nearby facilities and a friendly community of holiday goers.

You can have a more permanent holiday with these options and don’t have to worry about taking your caravan on the go.

With more and more possibilities for caravan holidays, they are becoming more popular by the day!

Did you know how far back the history of caravans went? Why not try your own caravan holiday with your loved ones? You’ll truly see how much they’ve evolved over the years!

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