Symbolotto, draw for Thursday 17 November: today’s symbols



The extraction of Symbolotto, the new Loto-related game, today Thursday, November 17, 2022: the combination of symbols and numbers live

Symbolotto is the Lotto complementary game. For each Lotto/Lotto Più game played on a specific promotional wheel (which changes every month according to a schedule), a random combination of 5 symbols (out of 45 available) is awarded on the receipt. The extraction of the combination of the 5 winning symbols takes place three times a week with the Loto game. Below is the calendar of the wheels in promotion to participate in the draw for free:

Symbolotto, the combination of the day Thursday, November 17

At the end of the extraction of the 11 Lotto reels, 5 winning symbols are drawn from a mechanical urn dedicated to the Symbolotto, from the Rome extraction center. To find out if you have won, simply compare the symbols printed on the receipt with those drawn and you win based on the number you guessed (regardless of the order in which they were drawn) and the amount played on the wheel specific. The result of the game is independent of the basic bet made on the Lotto and the winnings of the Lotto can be added to those of the Symbolotto up to the limit established by the legislation in force.

Torino Wheel:

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