“Sweet Tooth”: “Best Series of the Year”, Netflix subscribers praise the adaptation; Check!



The fantastic adventure ‘Sweet Tooth’ arrived yesterday in the Netflix catalog and is already winning the hearts of subscribers of the platform.

Based on the acclaimed DC Comics comics written by Jeff Lemire (“Black Hammer”), the plot takes place in a world inhabited by hybrids of humans and animals, and revolves around Gus, a hybrid between l man and the deer, who leaves his home and discovers a world devastated by a cataclysmic event.

He joins a gang of hybrids and humans in search of answers to the event and ends up uncovering a huge plot that forces him to question his own existence.

On social media, audiences praise the attraction for a variety of reasons, from the cuteness of the protagonist, the well-constructed plot, or the chemistry of the cast.

Some viewers have even said that “Sweet Tooth” has become the best series of the year so far, while others are already calling for Season 2 to come.

Check out the reactions:

serious guys, the sweet tooth my favorite series of the year so far. I can’t stop falling in love pic.twitter.com/Aec6we4s47

– trash heroine (@heroinadolixo) June 4, 2021

just to clarify #SweetTooth pic.twitter.com/KbW2SH7N8Z

– adorable moviegoer 📺: the sweet tooth (@lovellyfilm) June 4, 2021

Starting Sweet Tooth and seeing it will be my new favorite series on Netflix #SweetTooth pic.twitter.com/LgkDUWe8V1

– 5 DAYS IN LOKI (@CaiMaximoff) June 4, 2021

The Sweet Tooth is perhaps the most amazing series I’ve seen this year and I’m completely in love.

netflix you know you have this adaptation pic.twitter.com/UEe90P4Bvw

– ed (@ednvty) June 5, 2021

I still see it, but maybe Sweet Tooth is my favorite live-action Netflix adaptation from Serial Misadventures.

– mikannn (@hey_mika) June 3, 2021

Enjoy watching:


I hope the recordings for Season 2 of Sweet Tooth have already been completed.

Anxious young man.

– WebDating (@webnamoradu) June 5, 2021

the sweet tooth is one of the cutest things netflix has ever done. I am completely in love. pic.twitter.com/DJG9qvsF5N

– trash heroine (@heroinadolixo) June 4, 2021

Sweet Tooth is so awesome! Seriously, look. pic.twitter.com/YJqcf9BXKj

– I am sorry. (@eugeniocalixto) June 5, 2021

The sweet tooth is very good, and anyone who doesn’t like Gus has already lost their soul! pic.twitter.com/UHzTOEgSwl

– Really ? (@sergioshard) June 5, 2021

Sweet Tooth is so perfect, it’s probably already one of my favorite series ♥ ️ #sweettoothnetflix pic.twitter.com/RFYzH6KvCQ

– Renato🔮🏳️‍🌈 (@renatoluixz) June 5, 2021


– Thata (@viana_team) June 5, 2021

Muleque, what a good Friday, only a good production to watch (hope they are good) there is a series of Stephen king apple tv, Sweet tooth, Dom and The conjuring, I watched the pilot of all series, and so far they’ve all stuck with me, fuck shit pic.twitter.com/wRq9vDryMw

– Truck Driver and Vaccinated Cinephile Teacher (@ 1Legen_Dary) June 4, 2021

I want one, someone will organize it for me # SweetTooth pic.twitter.com/QY6J2f2QxC

– Anly ⚢ (@brekeavery) June 4, 2021

Watch the trailer:

The cast includes Neil Sandilands, Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Aliza Vellani, Adeel Akhtar and Will Forte. James Brolin joins as the production’s narrator.

Recalling that Robert Downey Jr. is overseeing the project.

The pilot episode is written and directed by Jim Mickle (“Stake Land – Violent Nightfall”).

Make sure you watch:

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