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At the end of episodes 7 and 8 of The Survivors, an incredible spoiler was released by Rai: has the end of the fiction been revealed?

On October 24, episodes 7 and 8 of Survivors were broadcast on Rai 1. The double date is the fourth of six episodes of the fiction designed by four students of the first edition of the Evening Writing Master also organized by Rai Fiction. Sofia Bruschetta, Ivano Fachin, Tommaso Matano and Giovanni Galassi are the authors of the plots.

Survivors, one of the protagonists of the Rai 1 fiction is Lino Guanciale: here he is at the press conference (photo ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI).

The final two episodes of The Survivors are set to air on October 31 and November 1. The Survivors final would therefore be brought forward by about a week to make way for the football matches. The Qatar World Cup indeed forced Rai to reverse the schedule in November and December.

Survivors, was the ending revealed by Rai?

Audiences have received the fictional Survivors in quite a mixed way. The ratings were lower than expected, and that may also be because many saw Lino Guanciale underrated by the plots. In addition, the nesting was often considered too complex. There are also those who did not appreciate the slowness of the narrative.

The cast of Survivors actors during the Rai press conference on September 28, 2022 (photo ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI).

We must not forget the historical period that Italy is going through. A fiction that tells a tragedy does not seem to have been appreciated by the public. The number of flirtations between the protagonists was also perceived as not very credible. However, there is one detail that has made Survivors audiences lose their heads: the ending was spoiled.

What happened on October 24 at the end of the fourth episode

It would seem really absurd, but it would have been Rai to reveal a very important detail about the Survivors finale. The credits of episodes 7 and 8 contain a detail which did not escape the public of the fiction. Is it possible that it was inserted on purpose to anticipate what might happen in the finale? Audiences have been actively following Survivors on Twitter, expressing some bewilderment at the plot (Twitter photo).

Many have noticed, indeed, that there are also the names of some actors who will play the role of pirates in the cast list. In this way, however, the presence of privateers in fictional plots was revealed in advance. Perhaps, they will enter the scene from the fifth episode. The advances, in addition to revealing a rapprochement between Sylvie and Luca, also tell of a mutiny under the new rules imposed by Lorenzo and Gabriele.

The meeting on October 31 should end with the castaways celebrating when they see a boat in the distance: will they be the pirates? Below is the screenshot from the credits of the October 24 episode:

RAI serenely spoils the pirates in the credits, at least we don’t have to wait for the last five minutes of the last episode for decent developments, thanks vvb pic.twitter.com/7mckj3fXUc

— Marta 🌼🕯 (@Martovich13) October 17, 2022

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