Surrogacy agency – Some interesting facts about surrogacy at Feskov Fertility Clinic



Are you in search of the best possibility to have a biological child, and that too without putting in your efforts? Yes, you can do that all with the help of leihmutter agentur.

Surrogacy is a process where a surrogate mother helps you carry your child in her womb unless it is born.

Surrogacy is a blessing for many infertile couples who cannot have the joy of having a biological child.

Through surrogacy, many couples have been blessed with a biological child.

Moreover, in previous years, the sterile couple could only get a child through adoption, and there was no other way possible to have a child, as surrogacy was not introduced at that time. So, surrogacy is undoubtedly a blessing for all the sterile couples.

Facts about surrogacy at Feskov Fertility Clinic

There are numerous facts associated with surrogacy at the Feskov Fertility Clinic. These interesting facts will help you understand more about the services the clinic has offered in the past. Let’s have a look:

●  The first astonishing fact regarding Feskov Fertility Clinic is that 18,000 healthy children have been born since the establishment of the clinic

●  The second most surprising fact about the clinic is that there are 52 countries in which these healthy children live

●  23 highly skilled scientists in the clinic are always ready to ensure the best services to their clients

●  There are 100,000 egg donor databases available in the clinic to handle any case

Why should one choose Feskov?

There could be many reasons why you should choose Feskov Fertility Clinic, but let us help you identify a few reasons to choose Feskov:

●  Incredibly experienced teams

The Feskov Fertility Clinic possesses a team of individuals who are highly expert in their fields and gain hands-on experience.

Furthermore, the clinic has been operating since 1995 and has completed hundreds of in-vitro fertilization programs.

Also, the clinic guarantees 100% of the childbirth through the process.

●  Healthy newborn

The children born through surrogacy at the Feskov Fertility Clinic are truly healthy as the clinic specializes in human genomics – PGD diagnostics.

Due to this reason, the selection of a healthy embryo is made possible. Also, there are almost no chances of transmission of hereditary diseases, and the selection of the future child’s gender is made possible.

●  Confidentiality

There is no way the clinic will invade your privacy, and there are zero chances of data breaches.

Moreover, the clinic developed and uses a reliable system for every single patient to protect their personal information.

●  Reliable database

The clinic has a wide range of databases of mothers and egg donors from European, Asian, and African phenotypes. This helps you choose any of them as per your desire.


To conclude, surrogacy is a true blessing for couples who can not have a biological child on their own. For this purpose, they seek the services of a surrogate mother to fulfill their dreams of having a genetic child.

Surrogacy at Feskov is exceptionally simple, and the clinic has exciting yet affordable services for its clients.

Also, the article has shed some light on the facts associated with the surrogacy agency, Feskov Fertility Clinic, which are exciting, too.

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